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September 26, 2017

Round cut precious stones are the most well-known jewels sold over the globe. As indicated by measurements, around 75 percent of the precious stones sold are round cut jewel. The purpose behind the prominence is to do with the splendor that a round cut precious stone has over other cut jewels. All round precious stones are splendid cut and in this manner, they are viewed as perfect for adornments.

round jewelry
The brightness of the round jewel is to a great extent because of the mechanics of its shape, one that enables most extreme light to be reflected. Most round precious stones will have 58 features (level cleaned surface). The stone will have 57 features in the event that it doesn't have a culet (little aspect at the base of the precious stone).

So why it that round cut precious stones, are costly when it is contrasted with most other jewel cuts? Give us a chance to observe the reasons.

The Difference Between Shape and Cut

We could clarify how shape and cut vary, however, our companions at The Knot as of now make an incredible showing with regards to placing it in straightforward terms:

"While you should slice a precious stone to make a shape, the shape is basically the general geometry or type of the jewel (round, square, and so forth.), while the cut is the precious stone's features and extends - the things that give precious stones their brightness and fire." (The Knot)

What are the distinctive precious stone shapes and cuts?

precious stone shapes and cut
How about we initially take a gander at a portion of the distinctive precious stone shapes and cuts. A jewel's shape can affect a great deal, including the stone's cost and visual effect.

Every jewel shape and cut will play with light in an unexpected way. Round precious stones, for example, are cut in a way that makes the stone the most splendid. Emerald cut jewels, in any case, deliver a "lobby of-mirrors" impact with their mark step plan.

Why are round cut precious stones costly?

While the interest for round precious stones is more, the yield is moderately low. These two factors together, add to the higher cost per carat weight of round precious stones. In the event that any item is popular, its cost will, for the most part, heighten and it is the same on account of the round cut precious stone.

The lower yield is fundamental because of the round shape and the aspects that a round jewel has. The measure of harsh stone squandered to make the round precious stone is more. At the point when the round precious stone is a mongrel out of a harsh jewel, the wastage is by and large higher when contrasted with that of other jewel cuts. Subsequently, the cost per carat weight of round precious stones is higher.

On the off chance that we are to contrast a round cut precious stone and a jewel of some other cut, with the two jewels having same carat, shading, and clearness, the cost of the round precious stone will be around 25 to 35 percent more than the other cut precious stone. Despite this increased cost, round precious stones are as yet considered the most loved decision of precious stone gems purchasers.

Author's Bio

Evie Jones is a jewellery designer associated with a Melbourne based diamond company, Luminus Diamond - an online store that offers round cut engagement rings at affordable cost. Evie has an experience of working with the renowned team of diamond craftsmen. In the mean time, Evie loves to explore and share the latest diamond ring trends with others.

September 21, 2017

Thailand is a country that has become one of the attractive destinations for tourists all over the World. A number of expats have already invested in an apartment or condo and converted them into their vacation home. Apart from all the other cities, Bangkok is a premier choice for investing. There are many reasons behind this and one being that it is the capital city. Thai government makes all the needed efforts for providing a World class infrastructure to it.

search apartment in bangkok
So, if you are one of those who has made up his mind for buying a condo or apartment in Bangkok this post will be of your interest. Over here I will be showcasing some of the helpful tips that will enable you to find the best apartment/condo in Bangkok.

Don't Stick To A Single Location

Most of the expats that start looking out for an apartment in Bangkok prefer some of the busy areas of Pratunam or Silom. They feel that by living in such areas would enable them to be a part of the actual Bangkok life. However, this notion is completely wrong as you will end up spending more money that you would have utilized in something more fruitful.

Moreover, the city is connected via a quick MRT underground and BTS Sky Train System that links it with all the neighboring cities to it. So, the best way to go about this would be to buy a spacious apartment/condo in a cheaper area and travel the city whenever you feel the need to.

Do A Self Research

bangkok apartments
This is a good way of finding a cheap condo or apartment in Bangkok. As these condos are of a pretty low price most of the agents won't show any interest in them. If you have any of your friends who are settled in Bangkok or are a frequent visitor finding a cheap condo will be an easier job for you. Many expats are of the opinion or have been wrongly guided by the agents that cheap apartments are not worthy of living and don't possess a good rental value even. However, all these are false claims.

Agents in Bangkok normally take the first month rent as a commission for the apartment. Due to the low initial price of these condos, they would be making less money out of them. Therefore these agents are mostly reluctant in dealing with them.

Explore Over The Internet

Don't have any friends or local Thai people to take advice from ? Don't worry. You can always go over to the Internet and explore the different apartments in the location of your choice. You can even refer to social media platforms like Facebook as there are a number of groups that are present over there. By becoming a member of these groups you can post your own requirements about the condo that you want to buy. These requirements will include your budget, the facilities you want and much more.

apartment in bangkok
A number of agents are active in these groups. So, by posting your requirement there is a possibility that you may receive a call from an agent about a condo. This will save a lot of your time that you would have otherwise invested in searching for an apartment by yourself.

Connectivity With The Train Station

This is an important factor that you need to keep in mind while choosing the location for your condo. By having a train station situated near to your location will help you commute easily around the city. You will save a lot of time that you would have earlier wasted in going to the train station. However, you can always take the motorbike service that comes at a charge.

However, the connectivity with the train station will only matter if you want to settle down in Bangkok for work or something. You are just going to visit the city as a tourist for 15 or 20 days or even a month, this will not be an issue.

Separate Charge For Utilities

In Bangkok, if you are looking to rent an apartment or condo apart from the money paid for the rent you will have to pay separately for the utilities. These utilities include electricity, water and Internet facility. On an average for a 35 sq meter room, water usage will cost you 200 Baht/month, 700-2000 Baht/month and Internet will cost you another 750 Baht/month. Talking about the Internet, the speeds that you get are generally very high. However, by subscribing to an expensive plan you can always get more.

bangkok cheap condos
You can even look out some of the serviced apartments in Bangkok if you have the money to afford them. Although these are pretty expensive, all the luxurious facilities will be available at your doorsteps.

Make Sure That The Condo is Secure

There are certain areas in Bangkok that have a very high crime rate. You need to avoid these locations. The building that you chose for buying or renting an apartment must be secure. In Bangkok, the apartments are taken care of by property managers. These are in charge for providing a 24/7 security to these apartments. They also send monthly reports regarding any of the maintenance services that need to be done in the building.

The security aspect is an important concern especially if you visit your apartment only for a couple of weeks or say a month. Once you leave the city and go back to your country you need to make sure that no harm will be done to your property.

In The End

I hope from the above-mentioned tips you would have a clear idea of buying an apartment/condo in Bangkok. The city has been a tremendous improvement in its infrastructure in the recent years. All those foreigners who have invested in the city by buying an apartment or condo have not regretted their decision.

Along with being an exotic holiday vacation spot, Bangkok is also quite profitable in terms of investment. A major reason for this has been the steep rise in Thailand's economy which has made it the preferred choice for investors.

Author's Bio

David Lane was born and raised in Thailand. He is working as a Realtor for Thailand-property. Which provides long term or short term Thailand property to clients . David is praised most often by clients for his enthusiasm, patient approach and unwavering loyalty. Apart from this , David loves to do fly fishing, sporting clays and play golf.

September 19, 2017

Air fryer is an innovative new appliance that is claiming it can displace the old previous method of using oil to fry stuff. Here, we will describe the working of oil-less air fryer. We will also judge whether it’s safer compared to the other conventional method.

What is an Air Fryer?

what is air fryer
Air Fryer which utilizes hot air to cook food which otherwise would have been cooked with oil. It also makes the vehement claim that it can achieve the same great taste of oil frying. It uses Rapid Air Technology which produces the air that fries the food.

The company also makes the claim that the food made in such a style is much healthier than the norm because of the oil which contains many Trans and saturated fats. A little bit of oil is still needed. Let’s take an example; you have to cook chips. Just coat them with a little bit of oil and put them in the fryer. Then it will blow hot air over the chips.

The Working of an Air Fryer:

Air fryer uses high speed hot air circulation to cook food. The processes that function during this whole mechanism are as follows:

1. When the fryer is started, hot air is produced and a mechanical fan circulates it around the food to assist in even heating.

2. The temperature reaches to about 200 degrees Celsius. The workings of an air fryer are similar to that of an oven, which also works on a similar phenomenon.

3. The reaction which occurs in the food due to this is called the Maillard reaction. The oil coated on the food gets broken down into smaller compounds during the process of heating.

4. This is what gives food its brown color and crispy texture. This method is also energy efficient because most of the heat produced is utilized with minimum loss of energy and flow.

5. Because of the circulation of air, food is fried even if it is piled up.

6. If the temperature rises beyond safe measures, then the exhaust system comes into play. It filters the air and releases it into the atmosphere around.

7. There is also a cooling system which regulates the temperature of internal parts.

8. Due to the rapid circulation of the hot air through and over the food the food gets cooked and the excess of oil gets collected into the oil collection tray.

In this whole process the food is fried oil free and is pure in its composition. Its natural ingredients remain safe and would not get wasted.

how air fryer works

Is Air Frying Healthy?

Whether air frying proves to be healthy or not depends on the oil used for coating the food. Because of the Maillard effect used in this process, many new compounds are produced due to the fats breaking down into various compounds. These new compounds may or may not be useful, but still not very harmful for any person.

Other than that, if we consider the benefits, they heavily outweigh the cons. It uses much less oil to cook food, which translates to less fat intake. Fried food absorbs a great amount of oil, which drastically increases the calorie and fat intake. If one loves the taste of fried food, but one wants to take a healthy approach towards it, then this product could prove useful. Normally you use liters of oil, cook the food and then dispose of all the oil. This method almost takes the oil out of the equation.

For those who are calorie conscious and need fat free frying, this air fryer technology is a miracle. It would definitely be useful in promoting a healthy food, cooking concept in future also.

About the Author

Katie Smith is the enthusiastic woman. She loves writing about kitchen and lifestyle on Reviewmoon.

January 10, 2017

What happens when you want to increase your productivity levels when you in the professional setting? Alternatively, what happens when you want to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your office and also make a positive impression on both your clients and the staff? Well, an excellent recommendation for you would be to consider the important factors when it comes to how to create a stylish modern office for your unique needs. While creating the office with the ideal aesthetic appeal might seem like a relatively simple task, it does require informed decision making to achieve the best results for your unique needs.

The added benefit of working in an office with a modern office design is that it not only increases your motivations for achieving company goals, but it also helps you to make a positive impression on your clients each time.

Here are some of the important tips for you to take into consideration for your stylish office design:

Consult a professional

office desk
Perhaps the first important step for you to consider would be for you to consult the relevant experts to help you convert your dream office into a reality. In most cases, some of the relevant professionals in this category include the interior designers, property developers, and renovation service providers as well. The main benefit of working with these types of professionals is that they not only provide you with excellent ideas for a stylish small office design, but they also help you realize the ideal value for your time and money.

When consulting a professional, an excellent suggestion for you would be to consider settling for an experienced and proven service provider to deliver the best results for your unique needs. Besides that, you also want to ensure that they offer affordable service packages such that you don’t interfere with the office renovation budget.

Choose wisely

Decision-making is also a crucial factor since it helps to determine the quality of office equipment and the level of professional services that you can invest in for the development of your office. Therefore, choosing wisely will involve making perceptive choices for your business, and you may have to consider a broad spectrum of information resources for your needs. It comes as no surprise that your skill in choosing the ideal furniture for your office demonstrates your sophisticated personalities and it sub-communicates value to the clients as well. While you may benefit from investing in the services of a professional such as an interior designer, it's also imperative that you can make additions to the final project. In this way, the entire office redesign incorporates your unique needs as well.

Consult your staff

Best of all, you may also have to at one point consult your staff members to provide input and their suggestions for the final project. This is especially true if you are investing in office furnishings such as upholstery and even plants.

Since the staff members are the direct users of your office setting, their opinions count when it comes to renovating the office. In this way, the employee's staff will have better motivation rates when it comes to achieving company goals since the workplace is designed to suit their needs as well. Although you may still be able to come up with the ideal office design without consulting your staff, they are highly important for the success of your business. For this reason, encourage them to provide office design ideas and feedback for making perceptive choices for your office interior design.

Be original, bold and simple

When it comes to developing a stylish office, then it's equally important for you to consider being bold, original and simple at the same time. To be specific, this might involve choosing your original ideas and perhaps working in tandem with a professional service provider to come up with a stylish office. By the same token, you may also choose to avoid the conventional office designs that are available on the consumer market today and opt for the trendy and rare furniture pieces. In particular, you may want to avoid clustering the office with office furniture and opt for a simple look.

Use the internet resources

Over the years, the internet has evolved to become a crucial aspect of our day to day lives. Whether you want information on the latest small office design tips or your perhaps want the latest products for your unique needs, you are likely to come across them on the internet.

In fact, nowadays, several blogs are dedicated to helping you come with the ideal office design and a significant portion of the relevant service providers have a web presence online for their clients. Additionally, the Internet is also packed with several shopping platforms that you can use to purchase the best office furnishings. The added benefit is that you receive several offers from all over the world and for different office products.

Prepare a budget

Before you can start investing in additions for your new office, you may have to consider preparing a coherent budget that incorporates all your unique needs. Simply put, the budget underscores the total cost and may be used to acquire funding for the entire project. In this way, you are sure that the entire office renovation project falls within your spending capabilities and that the whole project is overseen up to completion. An excellent recommendation for you would be to work with a profession to guide you in developing a balanced budget that covers all aspects of the renovation procedure. By the same token, you may also consider collecting the funds for catering for the entire project.

Given all these points, there are no nooks or crevices for poor decision making when it comes to making perceptive choices. Making informed decisions always has its inherent benefits in the long run for your business.

In other words, you are sure that you make a positive first impression on your clients and you also increase the overall motivation of your staff members, especially when it comes to achieving company goals.

About the Author
Adam Robertson is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

July 19, 2016

We all love receiving gifts, but when it comes to finding a perfect one for your friend we realize that is not an easy task. Yes, you will hear your friend say how he or she does not need anything, but, the truth is, everybody loves gifts. With a few ultimate tips and tricks on gift shopping you will be able to find something just right for your picky friend based on their interests.

finding a perfect gift

A friend who is into music
The first thing that pops up when you think about your friend is the unusual music he or she listens to. Take advantage of that! Do some stalking. Stroll along his or her playlist and find what it is that they actually worship. But a vinyl record! The musicophile friend knows the difference in sound comparing to a digital version, trust you me. Or, you can find music magazines and get them subscribed. Or, you can find a gig of that unusual new indie band they seem to be talking all the time about and buy them a ticket. If the friend knows how to play the guitar, get them a lifetime supply of guitar picks. You will show how much you care about them by paying attention to their biggest passion – music.

Gifts for a sports fan
All the friends who are keen on sports will love a gift which has to do with their favourite hobby. Use their interest for sports to make them active and buy them equipment for staying fit. If they love watching Tour de France but complain all the time about a few extra pounds that they have gained during Christmas, now is just about the time to buy them a bike and set them out in the nature to shed off the unwanted weight. If they love a certain club, do not buy them a jersey because the odds are they might already have all of them. Buy them season tickets for their favourite club and you will see them over the moon in no time.

gift for sport enthusiast

An arty-crafty person
All of us have those super creative friends who make cool stuff for us all the time. Now, you can give them something to support their creativity and show them how much you appreciate their work. If you have a girlfriend who is into sewing but does not have the right equipment, why not invest some money and get her a new sewing machine? Even if your friend is not into arts and crafts, but seem to be going through a bad period in their life, let them smile again by giving them something to be creative about. There are a lot of handmade goods to check out, if you want to give a unique present to your art connoisseur.

gift for crafty person

Cooking lovers
Having a friend who is an expert when it comes to cooking is always a good thing. You have somebody to prepare you the most delicious food there is, but now you can do something in return and enhance their cooking experience. Get them the much needed kitchen utensils, just check what they lack in their kitchen. A nice griddle pan should do it. What is more, if your friend is into exotic cuisine, you can hit your local bookshop and find an encyclopaedia of international cuisines. Be ready to see them amazed.

gift for cooking lovers

Check your friend’s interest and buy a perfect gift for them. Be sure that is something which will foster their hobby or interest and which is bound to make them smile over and over again.

April 16, 2016

Never before has the ecommerce field been more exciting. Having a shop that never closes, has little need for operational overhead (as in a brick and mortar business) and potentially open to sell to any person on the planet (and maybe on the moon in fifty years!) sounds like the perfect recipe for success.

However as most of you already know, more channels for selling mean more channels to look out for, reply to and service customers with.

social media management
In the past, if you sold washing machines in your town, all a customer had to do to get a washing machine repaired was to drive up or call your store to set a service appointment. Maybe if a certain special part wasn’t in your inventory, you’d call in the manufacturer’s hotline and wait several weeks to have it sent over.

For the longest time in history the face-to-face model of buying and selling was the norm. It was pretty hard—and sometimes still is, to get out of the traditional mindset when it comes to watching your store.

Having an ecommerce shop as many of you have experienced, requires eyes in the back of your head just to keep up with multiple channels of consumer engagement.

So how do you stay on top of Twitter, facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and whatever else may come up in the future? Will the original promise of the ecommerce business model prove to be ultimately superior to the regular mom-and-pop stores we’ve set aside?

management social media
Social media management refers to how a business owner keeps up with their multiple channels of consumer engagement. Many businesses now have a dedicated social media manager whose job is to reply to customer questions and feedback, pass it on to their other colleagues back in the business, and maintain a seamless transition from website to social media platform.

In many ways social media management intersects with marketing, customer service as well as a general familiarity with the ins and outs of the business.

Together with that, a strong knowledge of various tools such as Hootsuite for managing Twitter accounts and organizational ability will ensure all social media channels are taken care of on an ongoing basis.

Use your social media analytics to determine when the best time is to post a new blog, for instance. And then build your weekly schedule around the data. Once in a while tweak your engagement. Throw a curve ball and see if deviating from what the data suggests makes a difference or not.

A good rule of thumb to use is that the shorter the number of characters involved in the social media channel, the sooner your customer expects a response. Twitter rules this arena. Tweets are exchanged on an almost-real time scenario. Witness how many celebrities send out tweets that are hastily deleted!

Depending on your ecommerce niche, you might not actually need to have multiple social media channels. Going back to the washing machine analogy, if you sold washing machine parts online, having a facebook account or a Pinterest page might be a diversion of your business resources better used elsewhere.
Before jumping on the bandwagon and setting up social media accounts for your business, the question we all need to ask first is: Do I need this for my business?

Take Pinterest. The best pages that are repinned and shared multiple times are the pictureworthy posts. Again if you sell washing machine parts, spending hundreds of dollars to make a spare motor look sexy with professional photography and lighting would be out of the question.

If on the other hand you sell good looking items, having an Instagram account may bring in 25% of your sales. Decide which social media channels bring in the most bang for buck and devote resources to each accordingly.

As your feel for your market matures, you might even want to remove one social media channel if it doesn’t perform as well as you’d like. Don’t be afraid to deactivate your business’ facebook account for instance, if it’s been a year of posting already and nobody has really gotten on to like it beyond your employees and immediate family.

Stay smart, use data as a guide and keep it lean. If you only have time for one social media platform and can’t hire a dedicated social media manager, then keep it focused for the time being on the single platform, rather than risking spreading yourself too thin just to capture all channels.

About the Author:

health insurance
Catherine is president & executive director of 20four7va, a global eCommerce virtual assistance service provider. She is into strategic planning, product development, brand management, and digital marketing. http://20four7va.com

February 27, 2016

We all seek to obtain the dream car without getting ripped off in the process. Discerning whether the vehicle is worth the buy is not easy, and it is even harder to achieve when looking for a second hand car or buying online. This is a tough gig, because you never know who might be looking to trick you. To make things worse, dealing with a private seller also means you have less legal protection. Finally, one must not take anyone’s word on the condition of the vehicle, and inspect it in person. There are many things to keep in mind, and no telling what you might find.

Who is who?

buying used car
The first thing to muse on is not the car, but its owner. You must know who you are buying from because there are many shady sellers praying on the naïve and incautious. What you want is a reputable source, so avoid fraudulent ads and demands for advance payments. Steer away also from aggressive emails and offers that seem too good to be true.

It is a good idea to view the car on business premises or home of the seller. That way, if something goes wrong, you know where to find the one responsible. When searching online, use webmaster tools to get a hold of the website’s source and host. Finally, see what the real value of the car you are interested in is, so that you can compare it with the seller’s price tag.

Checking the car

You cannot expect from used cars to be in prime state, but nobody wants to drive a vehicle that could fall apart any minute either. Taking a trusted expert with you for inspection is a sound course of action, unless you possess the necessary knowledge and skills yourself. It is pertinent to pinpoint any concealed wear and tear, as well as car modifications. If possible, access a full history of the car, and ensure that it is not stolen or written off.

Ask for as much paperwork as you can, and do not be lazy to go through the details about title, registration, insurance, service records, etc. If the detected issues do not bother you, use them as a point of negotiations. Just remember that driving a car is the best way to gain insight into its condition. Ask for a test drive and probe manual or standard transmission, brakes and steering.

Further inspection

Keep your eyes open for recently repaired parts, water damage and signs of fluid leaks around the car. You might want to bring a paper towel for checking the engine oil as well. A small flashlight, on the other hand, will help you inspect under the car for corrosion and other problems. The body colors should match, and you can use a magnet for gauging body work.

Do not overlook the tires and see if there is an uneven wear, which could indicate that suspension and alignment are faulty. Note that some owners decide to clock the vehicle to increase its value. Unsuspecting buyers may end up buying and driving a potential death trap, which is why checking on MOT details and previous mileage rating is advisable. The interior is just as vital, so make sure that stereo, alarm, heater and air conditioning are working properly.

Payment options

credit card payment
Many buyers are looking for a safe way to make a purchase, since paying in cash and sending money abroad is risky business. There are many digital payment solutions, but there are legitimate safety concerns linked with most of them. Sophisticated scams and frauds are not uncommon, but there are things you can do to protect yourself.

The most important thing is to choose a solid payment method such as PromisePay, which provides a fast and efficient payment system for car buyers, but also dealers and private sellers. Moreover, it is easy to track all payments this way, so there are no hiccups. This is due to the fact that financial instruments like escrow eliminate the risk involved in the transactions, and overcome trust issues between the parties.

Old gold

Before embarking on a car buying adventure, make an effort to do a proper research. Purchasing online and second-hand involves some extra risks, and without taking safeguards you could end up being a victim of a fraud. Arm yourself with a scrupulous mindset and keep attention to detail. Do not let the seller push you into making a bad deal. Be ready to negotiate, but also prepared to walk away. Make a thorough examination of the vehicle and take it for a spin. It should enable you to find an old gold, not something that is fit for the junkyard.

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