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Thursday, March 6, 2014

How to Buy a Right Dog for Your Home

Welcoming a new dog into your family doesn't have to be an exhaustive task. However, with so many different breeds to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. You will need to choose a dog that you will be able to look after well, and will get on with all members of the family, imperative if you have young children or other pets in the home. You will also need to choose a hypo-allergenic dog breed if any members of your household have an allergy. Here are some tips on how to choose a dog, and what to look out for when welcoming this animal into your home. 

1. Choose the size of your dog

how to buy the right dog
You will first need to decide between a small dog, or a larger one. Remember, that some small dogs are vulnerable and by stepping on their tail by accident can cause them a serious injury. Smaller dogs can sometimes be boisterous, perhaps to over-compensate for their frame, so this will need to be considered when choosing a dog if you have young children in the house. Larger dogs will need more space to move around, so you should only opt for a large dog if you have a house with ample space, and a large garden. Regardless of the size of the dog, you will need to take your pet on regular walks, which will allow the animal to stretch its legs and get plenty of exercise. Taking on a new dog can be a big responsibility and you will need to dedicate the time to care and look after the animal. If you live alone, and are busy with work commitments, it might not be the best idea to get a dog, especially if you are not home until late. 

2. Choose a breed

how to choose right breed of dog
Different dog breeds have different personality characteristics, so you will need to choose a breed that reflects the members of your family. Spend time getting to know the dog before you commit to taking the animal home. You can visit a dog shelter or pet shop and see how the dog reacts when you are around it. Take note of how the dog is acting, and if it is barking excessively in your presence, or in the presence of your children. Age is also a big factor when choosing a new dog for the first time. Remember, younger dogs need more training and attention, especially in the first six months, so you will need to spend a lot of time with the animal. An older dog may be more placid, ideal if you have a family with young children. 

3. Consider grooming products and food

cute puppy
You will need to consider the costs involved when looking after a dog. You will need to purchase dog food and grooming products, as well as other items to ensure the comfort of the animal. You will also need to factor in the cost of any veterinary bills if your dog becomes unwell or injured. An on line pet shop will allow you to purchase a number of items for your dog, including toys, food and grooming products, and can be a cost-effective way to purchase these items.

About the Author:

health insurance
This was a Guest Post by Diana Smith. Diana is a passionate blogger. She writes about a wide range of topics including home improvement. Aside from writing exemplary blog articles, Diana is also a great animal lover interested in topics related to pets. Useful information for this article has been kindly provided by Stefmar.

Friday, February 21, 2014

How To Find The Right Auto Insurance?

Getting insurance for one's car is a serious task. It needs careful planning and in-depth research to ensure that you won't have any problem once untoward incident happens to your vehicle. You must trust the insurance company to be at your side whenever the need arises. My experience with my car insurance company is built on trust. That is the reason why I am still with the same car insurance agency that I had had entrusted all car insurance needs of my family for the past 26 years now. To this day I haven't switched to another insurance company. I have no plans of doing so.

The Right Car Insurance

How To Find The Right Car Insurance - Discover the secrets of insurance companies
So, why do I stick to my car insurance company? The answer lies in how my insurance agent took care of the business of selling insurance and remain the same for years. You will be surprised to know that I got 50% off the yearly premium that I would have been paying today had I chosen the first insurance company I initially talked to. The first was a big multinational insurance company known all over the world while the one I chose is a bit smaller agency operated by an unassuming nice fellow that became a friend over the years. You've got to read my story. Because based on my experience, it's not the size of insurance company that you must look for in buying car insurance. It is in the insurance agent.

Finding the Right Insurance Agent

Choosing an insurance agent requires research and gut. This requires a bond that would transcend from generation to generation. Loyalty perhaps or good service. Every insurance has different agents. It is your task to give all your trust to that agent you have chosen. If there's no trust, there would be no bond between you and the insurance company. There are far more insurance companies out there and more agents to choose from a particular insurance.

Delivering The Promise

In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, my insurance agent in partnership with my Mercedes Benz dealership (Rockville Center Mercedes Benz Dealer) took care of everything until they replaced my Mercedes Benz ML350 with a brand new one after 2 weeks of getting damaged. That was a real blessing and proof of a long trusted business relationship. It's an insurance you can depend and trust. Sadly when my friend, my beloved insurance agent Bob Franke of StateFarm Insurance bearing his name passed away, I was out of the country. I surely miss this guy, a guy who gave his trust on me when he gave me an insurance rate the same as any good driver in New York, which I proved him he was right. For I was accident free for 15 years until a car hit my ML 350 Benz from the rear. With one call, my insurance did all the paper work and gave me all the help I needed. Now with my kids growing up and soon to be out of my insurance policy, they know who to go to for car insurance needs, as well as homeowners policy.

How It All Began?

In 1986 I migrated to New York. I walked to and from work to save every dollar I could save. Prudence paid off Nissan Sentra in 1988. I paid the car in cash. Being a first time driver in New York, I didn't know that I needed a car insurance before I could drive home my brand new car. I asked help from my roommate and he gave me a number to call. It was a telephone number to an insurance named ALLSTATE. Not only it was far from my apartment. I had to travel to Queens, New York, where I met the insurance agent, with name of Neil.

The insurance agent told me that because I was a first time driver in USA that time, my insurance would be very high. After giving the papers from the car dealership, he quoted me a price of $4300 for a year. It was prohibitive at that time July 1988. I opted to pay bi annually and had to pay in cash. I went home with the most expensive insurance card ever. I picked up my car the following day. I moved to an apartment in Freeport Long Island New York, and still baffled by the prohibitive cost of car insurance.

I went around my town and happened to pass by an insurance office with the name State Farm Insurance. I went inside and since it was almost closing time, all the employees were out already except for the owner of the insurance agency. His name was Bob Franke. I asked him about what would a typical insurance cost for a 1988 Nissan Sentra and he quoted a price of approximately $1,500. I explained to him my dilemma and told him how much insurance I was paying. He said that that was unfair and just because I came from another country, I was charged prohibitive cost of car insurance.

He offered the insurance rate quoted and asked me to call the agent from the other insurance for a refund. Hence I was able to get an insurance affordable for me. Not only affordable but it gave me a new friend ...a friend that would span a long time even after his demise.


To this day, State Farm Insurance agency still handles all my insurance needs, from Homeowners insurance and to the 3 Mercedes Benz I have now.

About Amado:

Amado is a MD and RPT. He is a former Director of a Rehabilitation Department in Ling Island, NY. Currently he is semi retired secondary to post kidney transplantation.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Buying a Used Car - Know Your Consumer Rights

Buying a used car is not as simple as buying a new one. A serious research needs to do before you trade. Explore options such as private sellers, dealers, newspaper classifieds, auto magazines, online car sale sites or an auction. Look for models, their costs, repair records, mileage and other related documentation as per your allotted budget. Stamp duty, insurance, fee to transfer registration have to be taken into consideration apart from the purchase price. So, think wisely.

How to buy a used car? Know your consumer rights.
Hence, take a look underneath to make your purchase an easy task.

Before buying a car, the consumer must know the following:

  • You can hire a professional to inspect the car or do it yourself.
  • Make an inspection list with the help of a website, a magazine, a book or a friend who holds an expertise in the cars.
  • Go for a test drive in different road conditions.
  • Check the car maintenance record from the dealer or the repair shop or the owner. Never trust blindly.
  • Have a private data check. Check with the local authorities, insurance companies and salvage yards to get the real picture.
  • You can always negotiate the value of the car before the purchase.
Every person who wants to buy a used car has the right to know the history of the car. The history comprises of the following:
  • Year of manufacture
  • First registration date
  • Capacity of the engine
  • Color of the vehicle
  • Excise duty rate
It also tells about:
  • Theft as regards the car
  • Financial bearing on the car
  • Damage endurance due to any road accident
  • Incongruity between the mileage depicted on the database and what the vehicle is showing

The car bought from the dealer

When the consumer buys the car from a dealer, the consumer must look for:
  • An established car dealer
  • Dealers who have examined their cars by an independent engineer or motoring organization.
  • Check with the trade associations that some dealers claim to be part whether the claim is genuine before buying the cars.
  • A reasonably good quality as per the age and quality of the car
The contract must contain:
  • The price of the car
  • The mileage of the car
  • All the claims that the dealer makes about the car sale
  • Disclosure of the car sale (if sold before)
  • The amount have to be paid to the company (if under financial agreement), the interest rate and due payments.
Do not sign the agreement if that you do not understand some clause. Try some other dealer.

The car bought from a private seller

If you are buying the car from a private seller, the person is legally bound to reveal everything about the car.

On your part, check the following:
  • The registration documents have to ascertain by the real seller. The documents will reveal if the car is under a financial agreement. Under such circumstances, the seller does not have the right to sell it. Buying a car like this puts you under the threat of losing the car if reclaimed by the real owner- the financial company.
  • MOT certificate. You can check it online or take services of a professional auto services like car services Epping.

Other consumer rights

Car clocking: Car clocking is a serious offence. It is an adjustment to depict less mileage reading. The driver’s life have put at risk with such deceit. If the consumer doubts such a thing, he/she can always report it to the authorities who look into such complaints.
Return of the Car: The consumer can always return the car if he finds any kind of problem pertaining to car’s age or mileage or shows unexpected developments within few days of purchase. Return the car and receive the money back. However, remember, there is a reasonable period in which the car can be returned. This time varies from place to place. You must know this before the purchase.

All consumers must know these consumer rights before buying the car to protect themselves from any hassles.

Businesses That You Can Initiate Using Smartphone

Getting a lay off from the company is surely not the most motivating events of your life. At times you keep up with the abuse at work pace just because you know that there is not current option to which you could make a switch. Or may be you are doing that job just because it puts food on the table every day when you really wish to start something of your own. So, how about starting another line work through your own smartphone where there would be no compulsion to quit your job or to hire a separate space to open up an office? You mean that is not possible? Well, take a closer look below:


Start a business from your smartphone
While starting a writing career may not sound like the easiest task on the planet, the truth is that you can start where you are by the means of a smart phone. As we all know, gone are the days when manuscripts were submitted written and submitted physically or typed on that time taking typewriter. Today everything can be done on internet so exploit your smartphone by starting your own blog on the internet and write about the topics you are passionate about. Share it on social media and watch out for the response. And no, you do not need to quit your job, retreat from the rest of the world and shut yourself up to become a writer. The iPhone apps like Wordpress and Tumblr support the operation of a blog really well. So, here is your chance, all you need is a smartphone!


This sounds exciting! If you have always dreamed of becoming a tour guide but have no means or information how to be one, then having a smartphone is a blessing for you. Build a website for the travel services you wish to provide and give your details and other information. Put it out as creatively as possible. Let the website speak volumes of adventure! Genbook is a wonderful app to maintain the schedule of your appointments and Google maps would give you the useful multi-waypoint map, all you have to do is download. When you start getting response on these beginnings, slowly prepare a travel book for guiding people ; be smart get an e-book version as well as the print version and keep it for sale.


how to start a business using a smartphone
There are many tasks required by people at senior positions in offices which could be managed virtually. So if you are spread too thin just by making ends meet every month with your meager salary, grab this opportunity to make some additional bucks. Jobs like data entry, document handling, running errands, fetching laundry, booking tickets and other common day to day activities are time taking which busy officials could seldom manage doing. So decide your fee structure, which would most probably be on hourly rate and pitch your services with confidence.


Make your knowledge about the current property trends and rates, the apartments and houses and their respective prices on your fingertips and start giving advertisements on internet to draw in the candidates looking for a house. If you could get house deals cracked for sale purposes, well and good. Else you could also assist people in getting places on rent. Run this virtual operation throughout the week and when you actually start getting calls, utilize your weekends to have meetings or doing property visits with your customers.


If you have always been fitness conscious and have known the basics of correct and nutritious eating then your side profession could well be that of a health expert. Build a website or a blog, with some motivational quotes thrown in and impressive images of workouts, healthy food and people having healthy bodies on your website. Write regularly about your opinion and suggestions on the diet and health trends taking place. Create a forum and answer people's health queries there, and in no time would you have your phone ringing for personal one to one sessions!


make extra bucks from your smartphone
Probably one of the most fulfilling jobs today, being a life coach makes you undergo some of the most transformational phases in life. You not only help other and motivate them to live their lives, but you also help yourself in the journey. Apart from building a website with lots of inspirational quotes and sayings and flashy, positive images and visuals, you could write articles related to child issues, family related troubles, relationship issues and tips to stay more peaceful and happy in life. When you start getting visibility, you could utilize your weekends to lecture at seminars or may be colleges.

About the Author:

health insurance

Josef Albers is a blogger for EmpireCarpetCare and in his free time, he likes to research on various business strategies to boost business productivity.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

In my Winter Wishlist: Electronic Pet Door

I have a dog. His name is Munchkin. He is a golden retriever and the happiest and the cutest thing in the world! I got him when he was just little pup. I just couldn’t get enough of him! Don’t let his name fool you though. He has grown into one big hound now. I was having certain issues with walking him recently because, let’s face it, it’s absolutely frigid outside this time of the year! The only option I could think of was to open the door and let the poor guy out a few times a day. But we suffer too with these freezing drafts blowing into the room when the door is open.

Photo Credit
I thought of installing a pet flap but then the problem of Mother Nature invading my home during these cold months is reason enough to stay away from them. I researched and found the next best solution—one of the latest gizmos that technology has to offer. Electronic pet doors! They’re totally a part of my winter wish list (I hope my friends are reading this). Nowadays, pet doors come equipped with motion sensors. And these things are air tight which makes them perfect for the winter weather. Seriously, these things are wicked! Check out this video and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Electronic pet doors are trending with pet owners these days that are out to spoil their pets. But I do think everyone should invest in a good, if not electronic doggie door. I’ve got a couple of good reasons to convince you and I’m going to list them out. Here they are:

1. Mother Nature stays out

Photo from Kenneldeck.com
Your regular, old-fashioned doggie flap just won’t do the trick. Those let the cold air into your warm, cozy house. These days, there are different kinds of pet doors available: some are air tight, some come equipped with magnets. This is all to ensure that the wind stays out and your house does not lose out on heat. And it’s not just the weather you should be afraid of. Normal doggie flaps allow for insects, mice and all sorts of small critters to enter your house. Now, you don’t want that, do you? If you’re afraid of snakes, this is a pretty good reason to invest in a good quality doggie door. Unwelcomed guests stay out.

2. Energy efficiency

You are an avid nature lover. And despite that, you have a regular old doggie door? Now those two things don’t match, buddy. If you read that part above where I mentioned that with normal pet doors, you let the cold wind into your house and some of that cozy heat out, you’d know that that’s how energy efficiency works. Since your heater will have to work extra hard during those couple of minutes, more energy is used and the more you end up paying. You’d want a pet door that seals off extreme weather conditions and prevents heat leaks. I have Champion’s energy star rated pet door currently installed at my place. It keeps my power bill at a manageable level and in the long run, you’d want that too despite some initial investment.

3. For all couch potatoes

If you’re a couch potato and you hate walking your dog, this is God’s gift to you. Your pet wouldn’t have to depend on you to open the door every time nature calls. Plus, wouldn’t it be funny to watch your fat dog struggle to go through? Too harsh? OK seriously though, your pet is an important part of your family and deserves the right to come and go as he or she pleases. His/her comings and goings don’t have to depend on you. That is why you should invest in a good quality pet door.

These should be reasons enough to make you want to invest in a good pet door or an electronic one. It will make life easier for you and your dog. And adding to the refrain, I hope my friends are reading this so I can strike off one thing from my winter wish list!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tips for Buying Life Insurance

Do you want to buy life insurance but are not certain how much you need or if you really need it at all? It can be a tricky problem coming up with the right amount of insurance and the right type of policy. Hopefully, the tips listed below will help clear up some of the confusion you may have regarding the issue of life insurance.

1. Are you single or married?

• If you are a single individual, you will not need the amount of life insurance that will be required if you are married and have children. A single individual may want to carry enough insurance to cover any debt that may exist at the time of death along with the costs of burial and expenses such as a mortgage.
• Even if you are single with no dependents, you still have people in your life that may well be impacted by your death. A small life insurance policy will ensure that these individuals do not have to take full financial responsibility for all of your expenses. You may also want to leave something behind for favorite nieces and nephews, and a life insurance policy is a great way to accomplish this.
• Financial planners often advise carrying insurance that equals four or five times your yearly income, and this may be as high as 10 times your yearly income if you are married with debts and dependents.
• Of course, if you are married with children, this greatly changes the amount of coverage you will want to have. You will need to have life insurance to protect your spouse should anything happen to you, and you will also need coverage to protect your children. This is where 10 times your yearly income comes into play. Your life insurance coverage should be sufficient to take care of your children until they are at least old enough to be on their own, and college tuition should also be a consideration. The USDA has estimated that at the current time it will cost approximately $241,000 to raise a child from infancy until 18 years of age. This figure does not include a college education, and it will certainly go higher with the passage of time.

2. Should you obtain term life or whole life?

• Term life insurance is for a specific period of time. Once that time has passed, the coverage will end. Of course, you may either renew your policy or acquire another type of insurance, if you so desire. Term life insurance policies may also have a clause that allows you to make changes as time goes by. If you are a single person, you will want your term life coverage to be enough to cover your debts and any other financial responsibilities you may have. If you are married and decide on term life insurance, you can keep the policy in force until your children have graduated from college and can then strike out on their own.
• Whole life insurance will be beneficial to those who are seeking coverage that will last throughout their lifetime. It is more expensive than term life but builds up cash value, which term life does not. You, as the policyholder, can borrow against this cash value if the need arises.
• You will want to make the decision as to whether to purchase term life or whole life insurance based on such considerations as your marital status and your financial needs.

3. Where to go for insurance

There are many insurance carriers trying to sell policies, and you can research a number of them to find the one that best fits your financial responsibilities. Compare rates, ask questions, and go with the carrier that can best offer what you need and that makes you feel the most comfortable about your decision. When you speak to various agents, do not allow yourself to be talked into a policy that does not completely satisfy your wishes. Remember that insurance companies make more money on selling whole life policies, so these will be the ones most often touted.

Having life insurance in place can be a blessing, and it is definitely a necessity if you are married with children.

About the Author:

Tips for buying insurance
Kim Morrisseau writes for an insurance comparison website, kanetix.ca/life-insurance, that has more tips about life insurance.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bluetooth Wristband Bracelet with Sports & Sleep Tracking

There is no doubt to the fact that exercising is good for health but it is essential for you to check your health parameters regularly so as to ascertain the viability of your exercise. You need a device that checks your vital parameters so that changes to the exercise routine can be made as required. While there may be other devices that claim to provide the best stats, the Smart Wristband Bracelet from Idonn is clearly the best product in this niche.

The smart wristband, as the name suggests is a device that not only provides stats on vital health parameters but also has some great features, which are described as follows:

Idonn X5 IP67 Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Wristband Bracelet with Sports & Sleep Tracking (Black)
The wristband bracelet has integrated Bluetooth support that enables it to be connected to various devices. With the Bluetooth support, it can be easily synced with devices like PCs, Macs, iPad 3, iPhones 4S and 5 and Android devices. Therefore, you need not check your phone regularly as the wristband lets you know when there is an incoming message. Also your health parameters can be relayed to an online health center that can advice you on your exercise routine.

The wristband bracelet is comfortable to wear. It fits like a wristband and is easy to use. Supporting an OLED screen, the device provides easy-to-read statistics. The device is light in weight and is akin to wearing a wristwatch or a bracelet.

The Idonn X5 IP67 is a health monitoring device as it displays parameters like steps taken, calories burned, distance and time. You can alter your exercise routine as required. Therefore, ideal in improving your health, the smart wristband from Idonn is clearly the best.

In addition to being a health monitoring device, the Idonn X5 IP67 is a sleep tracking device. It monitors your sleep patterns all while displaying the sleep time and waking time. These statistics help you analyze your sleep behaviour and improve it if required. The wristband has a built-in vibrate mode that vibrates to wake you without disturbing your partner.

We all agree that amongst the irritating things about many devices, one is that they have a short battery life. But Idonn X5 IP67 excels in this category as well as it provides great battery life. Using 40mA-li polymer battery, the device has a standby time of four days. The smart wristband can be easily charged via USB port.

In addition to the great features that the Idonn X5 IP67 smart wristband provides, what makes the device a truly attractive one to own is the incredible price that it is available at. Compared to other devices of the same niche, the smart wristband from Idonn is clearly the winner.

We at buzzshop believe that the IP67 is a great device to own as it is a health monitoring and sleep tracking device rolled into one. Available at an incredibly low price, the wristband is comfortable to wear and easy to use. The device can be worn day and night even while it is raining and even while you are swimming or washing your hands, thereby providing important information whenever required. We love it for all the things above, but also because it seamlessly connects with many devices making it stand out from the many out there.

Find out more at buzzshop.co

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