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July 07, 2015

Nobody is unaware of the online car buying scams. If you are a buyer or a seller, one or the other day you might have fallen prey to such online scammers. If not, try not to in future. Online car selling is a massive industry and even after cross-checking all the essentials, one can fall in the trap. Here's today's reality about the perils of online curbsiding and online car-buying scams.

Escrow Account Car Scam

This is the most common type of online car selling scam, sellers lure used car buyers by advertising a car on an online classifieds website keeeping the price very low. The price ie typically too good to be true for that matter. The seller may claim hardship to meet, he may claim to be located abroad, and may even offer to pay shipping fess to strike a deal.

In some cases, scammers even go too far by duplicating the logo and website design of a legitimate car dealer and advertise irresistible prices. The seller may ask the buyer to deposit funds into an escrow account not of your own choice. This could cost you thousand dollars if the deal hasn't been established by thoroughly verifying all the details.

The Title Car Washing Scam

online car car sales scams
This scam is related to the reality of the car. When a car is wrecked and repaired , when a car is damaged by a natural disaster like a flood, or when a car is stolen and recovered, it is referred to as salvaged vehicle, and the vehicle's title will reflect this status.

Therefore, this title car washing scam hides the actual status of the car from the buyer. However, the rules and regulations exists to wash a title, but vary from place to place. Some sellers remove this stigma of salvaged car status to gain profits. Because the entire resposibility of the car is on the buyer after he owns it.

So, it is important to get the history of used car for sale from a reputable source.

The overpayment scam

When the seller posts his car for sale, he is contacted by a prospective buyer who offers a cashier's cheque immediately along with additional funds to cover shipment of the car overseas. When the cheque arrives, the seller is asked to deposit it and wire coverage to the “shipper.” When this is done and the wire transfer picked up, the “buyer” breaks contact and the seller is left on the hook to their bank for the fraudulent check and the missing funds.

Odometer Fraud

Digital odometer meant to be less susceptible to meddling, could be even easier to manipulate. A buyer can lose as much as 80% of the money spent buying a car with an odometer rollback. The seller fraud the buyer by manipulating the the number of miles his/her car had travelled. NHTS estimates that consumer lose billions of dollars to odometer fraud each year and upto 1 in 10 used car sold may have had their ododmeters tampered with. Buyers must check in advance, the history of the car and potential odometer rollback, if done by the seller.

Curbstoning Car Scam

Curbstoners are car dealers that pose as private individuals in order to defraud consumers or skirt the FTC rules pertaining to selling used cars. Such frauders post ads in various classified sites such as Craigslist and pretend to be the owner just ryting to sell their vehicle. It may not seem as serious as a problem, but these curbstoners are not only breaking the law, but are ususally selling vehicles with hidden problems that can affect its safety and value. Basically, they sell vehicles that no reputable dealer would touch.

Always make sure to get the history of vehicle for sale. You must also ask to see the seller's driver'sd license along with the car's title. Don't buy the vehicle if the names don't match.

The Low Payment Car Scams

This scam works on the basis of EMI, if you are buyer and you depend on monthly payments for buying the car, the dealer may take its benefits. He will add profit by inflating the price of the car, asking for bigger down payment, and by extending the length of the loan or lease to make the payment fit your requirement.

Always focus on the price of the car, the down payment, the interest and the loan terms. You could always count the amount you need to pay for the car. Better yet, arrange your financing ahead of time so that the dealer cannot pull this scam.

This phenomena of buying and selling cars online is not going to stop because of these scams, but you could always try to be safe in order to keep yourself safe.

July 05, 2015

Split system air conditioners continue to be the most popular systems used worldwide since they can be installed in any room in the house. Therefore, they help save power costs and maintenance costs, as well. A split air-conditioner is designed in a manner that allows for it to be installed on the wall, with minimal usage of space in the room.
Here are 6 ways in which you can ensure that your split air conditioning system works efficiently:

1. Ensure that the air conditioning system is cleaned regularly

Any exposed surface should be wiped clean, both inside and on the outside. Debris, vines, pine needles and leaves can clog the exterior part of the central air unit while dust may affect the operation of the split system air conditioner.

2. Change the filters on a regular basis

The system’s filters play a critical role in the functioning of the system as they trap the dirt and contaminants in the air that passes through. Therefore, it’s of paramount importance that they be changed twice a year. You should inspect your filters every month to ensure that they are not clogged or damaged. A damaged filter will cause the dirt in the air to bypass the filter; as a consequence, this can cause the dirt to build up on the other components of your system. This will eventually cause your entire system to fail. Changing your filters regularly will save you the agony of having to live with a faulty system, and will also ensure that you don’t spend a lot of money working on repairs that could have been prevented.

sure ways to ensure split type air conditioner works perfectly
3. Be aware of any abnormal sounds or smells

It’s advisable to turn your split AC on well before the upcoming summer season and check for abnormal behaviour, smells or sounds. A knocking or rattling sound could mean anything from a dislodged fan belt or a burnt blower motor. In any case, you should consult a professional to ascertain the fault in your system and get it repaired or replace the faulty part at the earliest.

sure ways to cut and save cost of electricity and power on split type air conditioner
4. Check the accuracy of the thermostat

The thermostat of a central air conditioning unit may fail to function effectively and it’s critical to have its accuracy checked regularly. You can buy another thermometer and compare the temperature readings that are displayed. The batteries that are used in programmable systems should be changed once a year as this helps to ensure a high level of consistency, proper cooling and heat control.

perfect solution to maximize power of split type air conditioner
5. Ensure that your home is sealed

The air inlets in your home should be sealed properly to prevent hot air from entering the system and the cool air from escaping. Ensure that any cracks are fixed, gaps blocked and windows closed completely. Also, spaces that are located below the doors should be closed completely.

Bonus Tip! Get Experienced Installers to evaluate your system prior to installation

sure ways to cut and save cost of electricity and power on split type air conditioner
Size is of great essence when choosing a split system air conditioner. A small system cannot serve a room that’s larger than its recommended capacity. An overworked system can overheat and lead to breakdowns which will reduce its operating efficiency and increase its running costs. Before choosing the air conditioner, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration: the room’s size, the number of windows and their exposure, the floor space, the positioning of the room in the house and even the heat generated by the other appliances that are installed in the room. This is why you should engaged experienced installers to ascertain if your system of choice will deliver the results suitable for your home. 


Ensuring that your split air conditioner works eff.iciently shouldn't be a hard thing. Just like other systems, they are prone to wear and tear and their operation can be hampered by dust and debris deposits. However, you can ensure a smooth operation if you take the above tips into consideration both while choosing and operating your AC

About the Author:

Oscar Cardenas who hails from Melbourne, is one of the Directors at All Climate Solutions and an authority when it comes to advising and implementing heating or cooling solutions best suited to your needs. With years of experience in the industry, he has deep knowledge of various products in the market and can assist in projects of all sizes.

June 03, 2015

Many people think that buying a lock is as easy as going to a hardware store and buying the first lock that they see. In reality, this is much more complicated as there are many types of locks that you can buy and also because there are innumerable needs for which you will use the locks. It is because of all of this that we are writing this little guide into buying locks for different needs.

What do you need the lock for?

The first question that you will need to ask yourself is what you will be using the lock for. For instance, you may be securing your apartment or your house. Or, you might be looking to enhance the security of your business (a place where you keep a lot of valuables). Perhaps, you are only trying to secure some private documents in your home and you wish to put a lock on your cabinet.

Depending on what the lock will be securing and where it will be placed, you will want to choose carefully. For instance, if you are securing your business, you will want to go with something really sturdy and resilient as businesses are more likely to get broken into. Conversely, if you are simply putting a lock on your cabinet, you will not need something industrial-strength and a simple lock will be enough.

How safe is the neighborhood

This is also a huge factor when choosing a lock for the door. For instance, there are neighborhoods that are considered very safe and where burglaries almost never happen. If you live in such a neighborhood, you will most likely do well with a simple, standard lock. However, if it is a bad neighborhood, and especially if there have been break-ins recently, you may want to go with something sturdy like a deadbolt lock that locks the door into cylinders in the door frame.

In commercial areas, especially if you are a business owner, you will need to go with the best locks you can afford. Experts from a Sydney locksmith firm have recommended vertical deadbolt locks for businesses, as they provide the most security against purely physical break-ins. Of course, you will most likely wish to secure your business with something more than just a good lock.

Electronic locks – yes or no?

how to buy lock for home & office?
Electronic locks have their good sides and their bad sides. Their biggest advantage is that they do not have a keyhole, which means that a burglar will not be able to pick the electronic lock. Instead of keys, these locks use various other ways of identification, such as keycards, passwords or even fingerprints of the people who have access to the home. Some electronic locks can also be synched to the smartphone, unlocking when the owner is in the vicinity.

However, and experts will be quick to tell you this, electronic locks do not provide much more in terms of physical safety than regular commercial locks. They are not sturdier and if the burglar decides to use brute force, an electronic lock will not do much more than a regular lock. Still, they are very interesting and can be perfect for certain situations.

The Money and the Hassle

Of course, when purchasing a lock, you will also have to worry about the money. Some locking systems are extremely
expensive and they can take ages to install. Sometimes, the locksmith might need to have the entire doorframe removed and a new one installed when putting in a lock. Some locks you can install yourself, especially if you are skilled with tools.

In the end, however, it will all be about how much security you need and want from the lock. For the outside locks on your home and your business, you can never go wrong with the best on the market. Paying premium prices for a lock is a small price for the peace of your mind.

About the Author:

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James D. Burbank has been in business and marketing for more than a decade and he is currently on hiatus, pending time with his family and blogging about business, NBA and WWII history. You can find James on Twitter - @JBurbank2019.

April 25, 2015

Outdoor rugs may seem insignificant at first, but they can bring a whole new level of style of your living or workspace, or even change the overall look of it. This means that you really need to think carefully about what sort of rug you will get and where you’ll put it. Different materials, prices and the styles in which outdoor rugs come, mean that they can perfectly fit a specific room, yet completely mismatch with any other. At the same time this unique variety also allows the customer to find anything that matches their taste and really enrich their living or workspace in a simple way. This variety is also very present with the range of available outdoor rugs.

Shapes and Sizes

There really are many different types of outdoor rugs and you will find anything you need or want if you look hard enough. This rich diversity in the range of sizes and materials used for their making means that they can fit a variety of different uses. At the same time, some of them can vary greatly in price and the amount of maintenance and care needed for them to look good. Before you actually decide to buy an outdoor rug, measure the space that you need to cover. Check the overall look of the environment and choose your new rug according to these two important factors. A rug too big is just as bad as the rug too small, but a rug to small can fit into desired space while a too big rug can cause problems. As for the shape, just have in mind that the shape of the outdoor rug will shape the space that you want to separate and create an area of it.

Materials and Quality

rug for outdoor
Like any sort of furniture or house accessories that you have in your home, outdoor rugs come in a lot of different levels of quality and are often made from different materials. Today you can find rugs that are made from all kinds of different fabrics that range from wool to plastic and these differ in quality greatly. The overall quality and the material from which they are made will directly affect the price and most importantly, the strength of an outdoor rug. While most of the outdoor rungs that you can get today are quite sturdy and can take a lot of punishment, it is important to note that they are not indestructible. Also, while a plastic rug will give you in durability it will take from you in style. In the range of natural materials, the wool has proven itself to be the best choice.

Pattern and Color

rug for outdoor
Matching the style of your area with the rug that you want to buy is generally the most difficult part of the entire task and most people find it to be difficult. The whole thing gets even more challenging when the rug is to be used outdoors rather than indoors. The key to matching these two elements together is to go for the similar colors of the rug and the nearby accessories. You should try to avoid choosing the colors that look exactly like each other but keep them close and don’t clash them. In this way, objects in these colors will match in terms of style, but still stand out just enough to be visible.

What to Look For

rug for outdoor
Apart from the look that really matches your taste, the most important factor that you should focus on when buying a new outdoor rug is its durability. Different rungs will come with different levels of durability and you should always try to get the ones that are most durable. Few rugs in your home will have to deal with as much usage as outdoor rugs and this is why durability is so important. Durability comes from the features of the fabrics as well as from the quality of manufacture. It seems that polypropylene is one of the materials that has been proven to work very well as a fabric for the outdoor rugs. Wool is the best choice if you have your mind set on natural fabric.

Price Ranges

rug for outdoor
The prices of different outdoor rugs can vary greatly. Some of the most durable and most common rugs that you can get basically everywhere, are often very cheap. On the other hand, there are plenty of highly decorative and high quality rugs that can cost a small fortune. Generally speaking, high prices are reserved for antique items and those usually made by hand. The amazing quality of these rugs is often easily reflected in the high price with which they come. While this quality is important, you should have in mind that it is just a rug after all. It can get easily damaged and you should not invest too much money into it. Outdoor rugs are especially the types of rugs that shouldn’t cost you much. The handiwork and the uniqueness of such a rug come second to the fact that the rug is durable or not. Considering the weather conditions, you should opt for something nicely designed but not overly pricey.

The most important factor in choosing an outdoor rug is that you like it and that you enjoy the way it enriches your living space. While there are plenty of different guidelines that you can follow to get the best possible look there is, in the end, the only opinion that truly matters is your own. Different sizes and price ranges can affect your opinion of course, but you should not let them guide it completely.

March 23, 2015

Buying a house that comes with good resale value, selling it would be quite easy. Unfortunately, not all home buyers consider and think about the importance of resale value. Most of them make the mistake of placing emphasis mainly on whether the home is suitable for their needs.

Therefore, how to buy a home with good resale value? There are many factors to consider that can influence the resale value of your prospect home. Take a look at some of the indicators that gives a home with good resale value:

➣ It comes with more than two bedrooms. Although it is not that bad to have a home with two bedrooms, having more than that can attract prospective home buyers since many people look for extra rooms.

➣ Bathroom should be more than one. If a home buyer is alright with one bathroom, they will most likely use that to lower the value of the property further. Most first-time home buyers will go for a home with two bathrooms. In addition to that, homes with master bathroom have bigger resale value than those without.

➣ The so-called “family space” – this is the space or room in which you, your family or friends can come together and congregate. This room should be informal in setting and spacious because it is always used for entertainment purposes, space for neighborhood gathering and the like. Some family space can be dual purpose.

➣ Closets and other storage spaces – modern family today have several household items and personal belongings that they store in the house. Therefore, majority of home buyers will look for homes with abundant storage spaces and closets. If the home has walk-in closets, the better the value will be. It would be difficult to sell homes with smaller closets.

➣: Home that is one-story. Number of floors do not always equate to good resale value. One advantage of single-story home is that it is accessible for the handicap. Nevertheless, this is a case-to-case factor in which if the neighborhood is composed of mixture of two- and one-story houses the best option is not to purchase the single-story if it is surrounded by multiple-story houses.

➣ Another case-to-case factor is the garage. If you own a vehicle and frequently use it, getting a garage is better. Garage that is enclosed and covered can boost the resale value. However, if you are living in the metro in which public transportation is prevalent, garage is not that s sweet addition.

➣ Layout and having a good flow is essential in a home. Majority of the home buyers go for homes with open spaces and natural light.

House with high resale value
When buying a house through home finance, the number one factor that you must think about is location. The resale value is directly affected by the location, neighborhood and proximity to the metro. Buying a home nowadays is made easy by simply asking help from professional realtors or doing it online. As long as you have grasp about these factors, you can get a home with good resale value in the future. You can also boost the resale value of the home by giving it facelift through modern updating of the amenities and features and in remodeling some or most of its rooms internally and even the exterior.

March 20, 2015

Buy or rent? City or country? Then just when you thought you have the answers, you are confronted with yet another real estate conundrum: Apartment or house?

Not a few would agree that owning a home epitomises the Australian dream. There’s no place like home, as the cliché goes. But where is home? Is it in the standalone dwelling, with its own block of land? Or is it in the small domicile: a unit lumped with others on one block, where maintenance is minimised in exchange for concessions on parking space and areas for socialising?

It appears that the answer lies more and more in the latter. Whether owned through a strata title or their own land title, apartments have increasingly grown more palatable to first-time homebuyers.

According to the 2011 census, around 13.7 per cent of Australians owned and resided in apartments, flats and townhouses. In 2006, that figure was 12.4 percent.

Then again, the appeal of the freestanding house will always be evergreen. Bigger—houses are typically larger than units—is better, after all. Of course, size is just one in a long list of considerations, not the least of which is the question of long-term return on investment and the potentiality of rental.

Pros of buying an apartment

If price is a major issue, then high- to medium-density dwellings would almost always win. Granted, there are expensively priced apartments, e.g. penthouses, but they are often the exception rather than the rule. Houses, on the whole, are more expensive than units by 20 percent. For first-time buyers with an eye toward owning a standalone house later, apartments are cost-effective means of penetrating the market.

High-density units are favourable in that they are usually situated close to the city’s central business district, whereas standalone housing projects tend to the city periphery. The wider access to the creature comforts of downtown, plus the reduced commute, may seal the deal for homebuyers.

Homebuyers may also appreciate the fact that apartments are less of a hassle to regularly maintain than a freestanding property, with all its external amenities. Apartments generally require less insulation and cooling costs, compared with a larger residential property. The onus of maintenance and cleanliness in an apartment is largely on the strata management, the organization that owns the brick and mortar of the building. This is because you technically own only the airspace of the apartment.

In terms of investment, apartments are also superior choices. In Sydney, units that command great views of the waterfront can surpass houses in capital appreciation.

Pros of buying a house

Historically, however, houses experience higher capital gains over the long term. There is still a certain prestige attached to standalone houses that sit on their own land. In comparison, apartment owners are usually strata titleholders. Since the building itself is owned by a private company, apartment buyers technically own the interior space of the unit only.

For households with children and pets, the large living spaces expected of a house are ideal conditions. This perceived privilege emboldens house owners to charge a higher rent. Meanwhile, most body corporate regulations forbid the raising of pets in units.

With a house, you have more latitude in renovating and remodelling the structure to your liking. You have more liberty in choosing what and when to repair. In contrast, you generally have to seek permission to change the aesthetic and structural look of your unit. The maintenance, security, and improvement of the apartment block counts toward strata levies that are then imposed on owners. If the building has many common amenities, e.g. gyms and pools, the strata levies would understandably be higher.

Tips for buying a house or apartment

It’s almost nothing short of a golden rule to not buy a home if you’re highly peripatetic. If you can’t devote time to residing in a property, then you are probably better off renting. Otherwise, you may lose money if you sell too soon.

Apartment Vs House in Home Buying: Which is better?
However, if you’re the type to stay long, e.g. five years and beyond, then by all means buy. It may then be worth spending for additional points to reduce your mortgage’s interest rate over the years. Also, know that you can get low-interest mortgages from many lenders, private and public alike. To get a meaty mortgage, ensure that your credit score makes a good first impression.

It makes perfect sense to get a pre-approval from a lender before going on a house hunt; this will better inform your buying decision. In auctions, make sure to research the final selling prices of similar houses in the vicinity.

Even though your lender conducts house appraisals, take the initiative to hire a home inspector, especially an engineer seasoned in surveying. Inspections are just as important in apartment-hunting. A strata inspection report should be able to give you a clear picture of the apartment building’s current physical, financial and legal state.

Before snapping up an apartment, check its policies on pets, if you have any. Also check for the rate of levies if they’re reasonable enough.


In the end, a house will not always be better than a unit, in the same way that a unit will not always be better than a house. Both offer potentially lucrative capital growth; both are great types of housing in their own ways. It all boils down to personal preferences in dimensions, quality, and above all, location. Just be sure your heart is set on something that meets your needs and circumstances.

March 11, 2015

In case your business manufactures something or does wholesaling of any products, then it is very probable that you will need to hire the services of a packing and a shipping company; or a combination of the two. Of course, some businesses have their own warehouse crew that takes care of this, but such businesses are in the minority. Others need to go outside for packing and shipping needs and it goes without saying that you will need to find the best ones around. So, how do you do it?

Doing initial search

Depending on where your business is located, you will have more or less choice of packing and shipping companies and you need to start somewhere. You should ask your partners or other business owners who are in a similar industry and you can ask them who they're working with and whether they are satisfied. You should also look online as most of these companies have their websites where they explain their services and where they give you their prices.

The initial search should always include checking their reputability and their past track record. The best such companies will gladly provide you with a list of references and testimonials from their past clients. You should always take a look at their past client list and talk to a few people. If you notice a trend of sub-par service, you are better off trying another packing and shipping company.

More detailed research

How to find & hire the best packing and shipping company?
With your initial search, you will most likely be able to narrow down your search to a few packing and shipping companies and this is where the real research begins. This is where you really dig deep and try to find out more about who they are and what their practices are.

What to look for

Packaging companies are somewhat rarer than shipping companies and you will not have troubles identifying those that are truly great at what they do. First of all, you need to check the range of their services. It is not enough for your chosen packaging company to offer only one type of packaging supplies that they use for everything. A truly great packaging firm should offer a wide variety of choice on the packing supplies that they use. For instance, they should at least offer different types of wooden pallets and crates that can be sealed using internal strapping systems or timber dunnage.

They should also offer steel cage packaging which is perfect for heavier loads. Plastic pallets and other packaging supplies made from plastic are always a cheaper option and a reusable one and great packaging companies will have a whole range of these

However, this is not everything. Sometimes you may require customer packaging services and it is important that you find a company that does this. The best among them will even offer to come to you and do some on-site packaging. This is one of the bet indications of the strength of such a business, their willingness and expertise at doing custom packaging.

You will also need to keep your ear to the ground and try to discover how proficient they are and what kind of options they offer on their services. For instance, do they offer special anti-corrosion packaging options or whether they use shock and environmental indicators that further protect your shipment.

The matter of shipping

Most packaging companies will also offer you their shipping services that they sometimes do with their own fleet of vehicles but which can sometimes be outsourced to their trusted partners. In either case, it is once again your duty to check their track record and to see how they have done in the past. It would also be a good idea to ask them about their vehicles and their drivers.

In most cases, however, when you ship overseas, your packaging company will most likely have to go outside for the shipping and you might decide to take this on yourself. It is important to be honest with yourself and to ask yourself whether you can actually do a better job than someone who has been in the industry for decades. Sometimes it is better to let the pros do their thing ,even if it costs you a bit more.

Closing word

Packaging and shipping of your products is something that you need to put in the hands of proficient and efficient people who know what they are doing. Complete and on-time deliveries will contribute greatly to the trust that you will gain from your customers and this is not something that you will leave to just about anyone. You, as a customer need to be certain that your packaging and shipping company will get the job done without any problems and we hope that this article helped you.

About the Author:

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James D. Burbank has been in business and marketing for more than a decade and he is currently on hiatus, pending time with his family and blogging about business, NBA and WWII history. You can find James on Twitter - @JBurbank2019.

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