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January 24, 2013

I have three membership cards - VIPinoy Card of Ayala Malls, Global Pinoy Card of SM Malls and Classic Card of Resort World Manila. Popular use of the two cards, VIPinoy and GlobalPinoy is the free access to the exclusive lounges of the two giant mall conglomerates. Members can stay on any lounge inside a mall without obligation, you can even ask for a free cup of coffee or tea. When you apply ask for the list of the malls where there are lounges. Not all malls have one.

Of all the perks, the one that I like most is the fact that members can get online on the comfortable zone outside their homes for free because the lounges provide wireless internet. If you don't have your laptop or tablet while inside a lounge, you can use a designated computer for members. The card from Resort World Manila, on the other hand, are used primarily for free ride on air-conditioned coaster to Newport City, where Resort World is situated, from different parts of Metro Manila and vice versa. When you apply, you will be given the list of their terminals scattered around Metro Manila. Most of them are either near to where members actually live or along major thoroughfares where major public transportation vehicles pass through. Parkings for motorists are also available, i.e., there are terminals in Eastwood Mall, Mall of Asia, some McDonald's outlets and other locations where parking areas are available either paid or free.

How do these cards help me?

VIPinoy Card Global Pinoy Card Resort World Manila Card
As a blogger writing articles of a most-searched information on the internet for Filipinos which is about commuting and driving directions to different parts of Metro Manila and other popular locations in the Philippines, click here to visit my other blog, it is imperative for me to go around the city. DirectionsOnWeb blog posts are not created by just sitting in front of a computer, roll your mind, write an article and publish it. To deliver accurate information for my readers, I need to be on location of a particular spot of the place which is given directions on a post. So, I must get to different places.

Resort World card had helped me breezed into Greenhills from Newport City. The coaster takes faster routes. Their terminal in Wilson St is few meters away from the terminal of multi-cabs that serve Greenhills Shopping Center bound passengers. Once, I was in Eastwood City, and needed to go to NAIA Terminal 3. I just hopped on the coaster outside Eastwood Mall and at no time I was in Newport City. NAIA-3 is just across the main road.

The two lounge access cards serve as my saving grace from imminent late replying to readers' questions which they post on either my Facebook Wall or Comment Boxes of my blog. Useful pieces of information are very much needed on my niche and it should be quickly delivered. So, I just incorporate mall-hopping into my itinerary. It's more than a saving grace, actually, because most of the time I am also exhausted and the extended exposure to the sun dehydrates me. A comfortable single seat sofa inside an uncrowded tranquil lounge quickly regains the energy of my enervated body, of course, with a cup of coffee and a glass of ice cold water. That's more than what I need in the situation I always in. And it's more proactive as I get to create directional articles and publish them right away.

Fees & Application Requirements

Although they are designed for OFWs, international Filipino travelers, which is my category, may also get approved. I didn't work abroad but I was able to get both cards. Requirements are: valid passport, properly filled out form and membership fee of Php 150. Application forms are available at the concierges at any Ayala Malls and Customer Service of SM Department Stores as well as from Global Pinoy Lounges. For Resort World Mania, any valid ID will do. And there was no fee when I applied, just don't know if they charge now. Their forms are available at concierge of either Eastwood Mall or Resort World Manila Casino.

Other Privileges

There are countless other perks for being a holder of these cards. They range from reserved seats and charging stations to exclusive invitations and discounts from thousands of stores.

About the Author:

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Lag Alag is a blogger from the Philippines. His blog shares to commuters different ways of getting to various places in Metro Manila and to other parts of the country. You can have a glimpse of what he writes through his Google+ Profile at https://plus.google.com/+Lagalag
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