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January 26, 2013

What is the method you use for cleaning screen of your computer? Today's article answers the question how to clean screen. There are certain ways people use to clean screen of their laptops and computers. There are individuals who prefer to use dampen cloth that they wipe down the screen to get rid of the dust and dirt. Others use eyeglass lens cleaners while there are those who use mild soap.

Screen monitors are sensitive and expensive to replace. So ultimate care is necessary in removing dust from the screen. Enter the Micro Vacuum, the best tool for cleaning screen of laptop computers. But before we cut to the chase, let me dwell a little bit more on the danger of wrong cleaning of screens. Towards the end of this post, you will know why micro vacuum is one of the "things worth to buy."

In my experience, wiping screen monitors either with cloth or cotton has a dangerous effect on the screen itself as the fragile part might be pressed hard. Sharp fragments and particles that get swabbed on wiping might also cause scratches on the screen. That had already happened to my own laptop screen couple of years back when in an attempt to clean it, I used a piece of cotton cloth dampen with a little bit of water. After the screen had dried out, I noticed scratches across the screen.

But that's not the only issue I encountered with using cloth and cotton in dusting my laptop back then. All laptop owners know this. It's not only the screen that becomes grubby. Dusts also cling to the keyboard and they penetrate clearance spaces between keys.

micro vacuum for cleaning laptop and computer screen & keyboard safely and effectively
Whenever I clean up my laptop or anything for that matter, I don't leave its other parts unclean. So, I had to wipe another dry cloth across the keyboard to get the dirt off the keys. Then I would wipe the side panels to get that complete neat look of the whole laptop whenever it's open. It's stress-relieving when your laptop looks pristine while you're blogging.

Now that's the real harm on the computer right there when keys are pressed across for the purpose of cleaning them with the use of cotton or cloth. Most of the time I would be tempted to do more harmful ways. I would have had to put extra pressure in wiping between two keys whenever I saw more dusts between two keys. I only did that twice because of fear of my laptop getting damaged. I knew that wrong method had to be stopped.

Why Mini Vacuum?

Mini Vacuum or Micro Vac is the ultimate solution if you want to clean your laptop screen as well as its keyboard thoroughly. It is ultra lightweight, compactly designed and with one push of a button and mild strokes of its soft brushes on your screen and keyboard, dusts are cleaned off instantaneously.

There are two types of mini vacuum I have discovered. The first one is the battery operated which is the one I use now whenever I want to take a break and relax while being productive on my desk. Oh yes, cleaning my laptop with micro vac is therapeutic for me, it relaxes me. The second mini vacuum that I happened to know is considered to be an accessory for laptops and notebooks and it is called USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner. If I don't have one yet, I will go get this USB Mini Vac as I don't need to spend money for its battery. Either way, I considered both of them as "things worth to buy." Hope you like this post. Stay tuned for more.
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