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January 28, 2013

Toy car collectibles are one of the favorite collectible items for many adults. Although collecting of a particular thing that has some sort of attachment to our hearts is a great hobby, I've had never imagined myself to be a collector of any stuff. I always wondered what would I get from it. Until I got to learned some in-depth importance of having a collection of things with intrinsic value such as stamps, antiques, movie or celebrity memorabilia, furniture, etc. You don't collect all of those, of course.

Porsche Toy Car collectible items
Porsche Toy Cars
Highly collectible items
A collector focuses only on one particular thing. Mostly, the things that we throw today will eventually become highly collectible years from now. And that's what I got to discovered. Most collectibles appreciate their value. A collector had told me "after enjoying a piece or some of your collections, sell it and you can make lots of money."

How I Learned I Can Make Money As A Collector Of Highly Collectible Item?

Petron Collectible Toy Cars
It happened because of my penchant for toy car. I've been wishing to own a set of toy cars for years. But because of other priorities I have never got a chance to go out of my way to fulfill my desire.

It's been many years since my last hold of a toy car. That
was... when I was a little kid playing with my "kotse kotsehan" on the dusty ground in a remote barrio of our province. Back in the day, when technology was only for astronauts and scientists, boy kids from poor families were already happy when given matchboxes. That sort of instilled in my mind that there are other models of cars that I need to touch.

Porsche Toy Cars
Now that I am old to play on the dusty ground with a toy car, my obsession evolved into having a toy car displayed on my workstation at home. And that's exactly what happened days after I received presents of two models of Petron Porsche toy car collectibles. I was very ecstatic. On my subsequent visits to Petron, I always filled up the tank and purchased three more models to complete my Porsche toy car collection. Even at that time, I still didn't have any idea of regular price of these types of toy car sold in stores. All I cared was I finally realized my obsession of having a set of my favorite toy car. Neither did I think of how much I actually saved in getting it from Petron at Php 180 each.

One day, I was in a mall, I happened to pass by a toy car store. The temptation to appreciate the beauty of each model car kicked in and so I got inside. When I checked the price in front of each car, I was shocked. Mercedes Benz costs Php 950. Since then I have so much happiness every time I look at my toy cars. Not because I can earn more when I sell them. I will not. But because, I am lucky to have purchased them at price way too low from their regular price. Truly, best buys for me.

My five toy cars are conspicuously displayed on my workstation. I get to play with each of them. Although way far from how I played years ago. Because today, I am already satisfied when I press it to the floor, open and close the doors, move it in reverse and then release it. The enjoyment I get from watching it as it speeds away with real sound of a real Porsche car is enough for me to put it back on its place, only to play the others next time around.
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