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January 21, 2013

In my aim to deliver to you quality contents on practical buying, I want to share to you my latest gadget - the second version of famous Samsung Galaxy Tab which is the 7" Galaxy Tab 2. Why does this cross between android phone and tablet PC is so popular among techie buyers? I will tackle features of the smartphone tablet in such a way that I describe how a person similar to me would benefit in having this model as his/her communication and organizer companion. Would this thing worth the price you're going to pay for it? It comes down to the degree of the needs of your occupation, background or as an individual.

Here they are, based on what I experience so far::

Android phone
1. I always on the move and it's important to me that I have a complete and fully loaded planner which is intuitive enough to make all my actions quick. This tool exactly fits in a side compartment inside my small traditional leather portfolio. As a blogger, I always brainstorm so stacks of papers and a pen are still indispensable for me. Aside from that, I can't go from one place to another with only the tablet in my hand for security reason. With its size and the compactibility of my small portfolio that go hand in hand, it's not too revealing that I carry a high end gadget.

Galaxy Tab inside a leather portfolio
2. It's so lightweight and designed for easy use. I can make an entry on my task, calendar and memo pretty much faster than traditional writing using ball pen and paper which as I have said, I use mainly on brainstorming and supplemental note taking.

desk calendar app of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
3. This one is a 5-star for me. Most of us know the look and feel of a very nice desk calendar. Now that appearance of a desk calendar is the exact copy of the default looks of calendar in my Galaxy Tab. So, I have the entire month in front of me on a right dimension for easy planning. At one tap, I can change it to Year or Week or Day as well as List and Task. It's pretty cool for me that I have a desk calendar on my tab which syncs to my other calendars and memos. And I can even enable or disable local holidays.

Memo Pad app of Android Samsung Galaxy Tab
4. Pre-installed memo pad. For a more quick reminder, you can use Memo App which displays your individual notes at one tap. I use this every time something comes up that I don't want to slip from my mind. You see, I've had bad experience in downloading and installing apps from Android Market. Nowadays, I only trusted apps that are already installed on the tab. And this memo app comes in handy every time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
5. No miss-calls anywhere without holding my phone. Since Galaxy Tabs are also smartphones, you are assured that you're always in-touch and that you can either make or receive a call. Now some tablets if not most have no handset mode on calls. Galaxy Tab has both speaker and handset modes during a call.

Here's another big plus for me on having this gadget. Someone calls me while the tab is inside my zipper portfolio and I'm on a moving jam packed MRT train. Wearing a bluetooth headset, I will hear a clear voice that says "Incoming call!". In an instant, I am talking to my caller. And that's the way I answer a call without actually holding the unit or pushing any button on my headset, even to the extent that my Galaxy Tab 2 is 15-meter away from me. Yes, the headset automatically answers the call. You can set the time for the headset to answer in 2, 5 or 10 seconds. It's like having a secretary that forwards the call to you. Pretty amazing!

Calculator looks and function of Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
6. Another cool stuff that amazes me is the calculator facet of my tab. I always compute and whenever this hi-tech tab smartphone transform into a big calculator, I just smile. It's so amusing.

My Galaxy Tab is just a week old and I haven't explore it much yet because I'm busy launching this blog. I am sure there are more exciting features and wonders this gadget has to offer. But at the moment, the ones I mentioned above have been enough to blow me away. For me, this small android tablet is one of the things worth to buy.
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