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January 31, 2013

As part of giving readers quality content and information on things worth to buy, this post talks about solution to most bloggers predicament on the effect of extended exposure of their eyes to computer related work. Bloggers, especially those who own more than four blogs spend most of their times in front of their computers. You cannot blame these individuals when blogging has already become their number one source of income although there are quite a lot who blog just because it is their passion - something that gives them satisfaction. Besides, blogging is fun. But there are prices to be paid in blogging. One of them is the early stage of blurry vision. Now let's talk about effects of computers on our eyes.

squash is the best food for clear eyesight or vision
In my experience, prolonged computer use causes my eyes to be blurred faster than I know they should have. I always experience not ordinary normal blurriness after too much work on my computer and I am talking about 3 to 4 days of 10-hour straight work in front of my computer. But the good news is my eyes become clear again after undergoing a food therapy and now I will share to you how I got to discover ways on how to prolong my clear vision even if I am blogging most of the time.

It is all because of the wonder of a vegetable called squash and the simple methodology on how I consume it daily without the bad effect of throwing up after you have enough of the taste. Before I lay the cards on the table about how I was helped by this wonder food, let me share a basic on how to avoid your vision from getting blurry quickly while blogging.

One thing I have learned is to rest my eyes whenever I feel the need to. I don't force myself to sit in front of computer any longer whenever vision symptoms manifest themselves. In my case, the signs are blurred vision itself and eyestrain. Other eye symptoms include headaches and neck or shoulder pains. These are the signs to watch. If you detect one of these symptoms, you know you must leave your computer at once and rest your eyes.

How to get the most out of squash to restore clear eyesight?

This method of eating squash to restore clear eyesight is based on my personal experience and shared to bloggers like me. This is for persons who suffer eye blurriness after long period of time that they are working in front of their computers. Although this is based on science, I still believe that the best solution for serious eye condition is to consult an optometrist.

One. The key is to eat squash on a daily basis and at high quantity.
Two. Don't treat the squash as a dish rather see it as a food therapy for your eyesight.
Three. Eat it without any add-on, mixture or flavor.
Four. Cook it with a little amount of water either in microwave or regular cooker.
Five. Take 2 to 3 servings a day.
Six. Just do it. Put it into your mouth, chew it well then swallow.

Do this daily for seven days after which, you can cut down and make it every other day with same quantity. You will notice big change in your eye vision after your first week.

Why not just take Vitamin A or any manufactured supplement for the eye

You can do that anytime. But after I have done the comparison between the two, squash therapy for the eye is way way better.

What about you? How do you take care of your eyesight?
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