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January 25, 2013

There's always a first time on everything we do. In travel, most of us are very excited on our first trip outside the country. That's what happened to me when I went on a tour to Hong Kong for the very first time. The moment I was already inside my hotel room in Kowloon, I was ecstatic. Soon I realized I forgot to bring one important thing travel must have. I had with me my mini laptop, videocam, DSLR camera, as well as cellphone. When time to charge them came, I found out that electrical outlets in Hong Kong are not like what we have here in the country.

three-prong travel adapter used in Hong kong Singapore Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries
In Hong Kong, Singapore and other cities and states in Southeast Asia , they use 3-prong plugs. So, batteries of any electronic gadget and accessory you bring there couldn't be directly recharged. The good news is you can get a 3-prong adapter converter in any electronic stores which are almost everywhere in HK. But the bad news is, they are expensive. Nevertheless, I had no choice but to provide for the necessity at hand. So I bought one. For first time travelers there, here's the tip, number one on your checklist should be 3-prong travel adapter. Jot it down now. For your budget sake.

Now this second tool that should also be included on your gear had spawned from the frugal traveler in me. I always get hungry whenever I am in a tour and food in rich countries are expensive. Even street foods in Kowloon are not that attractive in their prices. And the only free breakfast I had on that HK trip was coffee and small sandwich that didn't full my stomach every time. And so I came out with an idea for my next trip outside the country. And that is - to have a provision so that I could eat heavy on breakfast and dinner.

And so on my second trip which was to Singapore, my provision included two must-haves - 3 prong travel adapter and an electrical pot!

How Does An Electric Pot Helps In Your Travel

If you're a budget traveler in foreign city, electric pot could come in handy. You could use a pack of instant noodle which is sold in all small groceries and convenient stores. One of our favorite fast meals, instant noodle is both filling and heavy on stomach. But why not try instant oatmeal, they are way better than instant noodle. Oatmeal is full of fiber and so it takes longer to digest which makes blood sugar in our body steady after eating. When our blood sugar begin to fall, we automatically feel hungry. Instant oatmeal is available in small stores and supermarket in the city. Just boil a cup of water using your electric pot (and your travel adapter), add the oatmeal, have a fast breakfast inside your hotel room, and you're ready to go.

For a heavy dinner inside your room, you can heat a cut of canned luncheon meat. Just turn the lid of the pot and put the meat while boiling the water. With few loaves of bread, instant noodle as your soup, a soda and two glasses of water, you got a big meal within budget. For heavy heavy breakfast, I use luncheon meat, oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich and hot chocolate drink.

What do you need to buy now if you're travelling abroad for the very first time? Travel Adapter and electrical pot. Yes, they are both things worth to buy, for me.

That's it for the moment. Hope you enjoy reading this and find it interesting.
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