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January 20, 2013

Eating out in an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet costs very exorbitant amount of money for an individual let alone the whole family. Price varies depending on restaurant location and the day of the week. During weekdays, location doesn't matter as I know a restaurant in Eastwood City that offers lunch buffet for as low as Php 300 ++. On weekends, the price tag is above 500. Here are some tips on how to eat in buffet.

I have my own shares of treating out myself in a buffet both in group and by myself. And I got to learn different ways in which individuals eat in buffet restaurants. I know certain persons who always regret not able to eat much or have tasted certain dishes while inside a buffet restaurant because they thought they're already full while on it. There are some who don't care that they only eat certain foods on the buffet table.

The fact is our stomach can only hold so much. Once full, you can't force yourself to eat more unless you are a glutton. Now a friend of mine told me that he knows someone who after eating considerable quantity, goes to the toilet to throw it all up. She puts her fingers inside her mouth and into her throat just to vomit. And then she returns to buffet table to eat again, goes to the toilet and back again until she has enough. Well, I am not going to say I'm against that. We all have preferences, haven't we? Below are some tips you can apply whenever in an All-You-Can-Eat Buffet. I must remind you, however, that these are based on my own personal experiences in buffet eating and some of them may not good for certain individuals.

How To Maximize The Money You Pay In A Buffet

1. If you can do it on weekdays, it would be cheaper. In my experience, viands are all the same. Price and crowd are the only factors that differ. It's more crowded during weekend and so the price is high. And there are lots of buffet promos during weekdays.

2. Plan and schedule your buffet and try to go there on empty stomach. I don't eat breakfast and lunch if I am going to a buffet dinner that starts at 4 pm.

3. I know you are used to have drinks while eating out. But believe me sodas, juices or even beers are the culprits that make people immediately full on buffets. If you want to have at least a taste of all the meals and dishes, by all means, avoid the drinks.

4. Oh get that hot drink if it's free. I'm referring to the hot tea. Yes, either green tea or black tea would somehow helps in the digestion and promotes some more craving for food.

5. Avoid that lady in white. If you are a female, of course it's he. It's okay to have waitresses and waiters around but cooking your food in your table? I leave it to you. But for me, I rather be left alone. Once, I have tried with her, I got out unsatisfied. On my second visit, I turned down the offer and I got out very satisfied because I've cooked a lot, eaten a lot and enjoyed all the dishes.

6. Take your time and don't compete with others. You will be surprise at what you feel of being alone in the crowd taking slow stride every time you go to and from the buffet table getting a small amount of each dish onto your plate, not filling up the whole platter, and, back in your table enjoy every bite of it.

7. Don't go back to buffet table holding anything. Be carefree. After you finish a serving, put the used platter at available space in your table, go back to buffet counter and use a new one. Always use a new platter. Remember, you'are there to enjoy the foods. So don't mind if you stack plates in your table, attendants take care of them. And even if you use 100 of plates, no one cares as long as you pay the bill.

8. Forget rice as staple. You always eat rice at home. Your platter should contain only 15 percent of rice and 85 percent of assorted dishes. I myself don't eat rice early on. I indulge myself with different tastes and savors of the dishes on my plate. You can always make the adjustment of rice quantity that you put in latter on the buffet.

9. Take a break. Take a cup of hot tea if it's free and drink it while passing time a little bit and let the waiters clean your table. No one rushes you so let the first batch of meals you eaten settle in your stomach. Then make rounds and check for foods that you haven't eaten yet.

10. Don't forget the veggies and fruits. In buffet you can find some vegetables and fruits that currently not in abundance and so expensive to buy in the market. It's my habit to check on them. For example, in shabu-shabu, few people come to those fresh greenish area of buffet table. I would pick from them and on my soup, I put them. You can find spinach, asparagus, etc. And in salad bar, you can opt for lettuce which at times sold way too high.

You see,if you are wise and has the ability to manage your buffet eating very well, at the end you would clearly say that you have actually spend way way too low to all what you have actually eaten.

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