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January 17, 2013

This article today shares gastronomical information for those who always in & out of the country and once arrived, about to go to our Duty Free. I am not a fan of hamburger when it comes to buying them from both regular and popular fast food chains. Nevertheless, I have eaten great tasting burgers from some foreign outlets such as Brothers Burger, Fridays and Johnny Rockets. Don't get me wrong, I don't eat out much on this kind of restaurants. It's just sometimes you need to treat yourself out on some occasions like your birthdays if you will.

frozen burger
Frozen Hmabuger
in freezer
Today, I'm gonna share to you a kind of hamburger sandwich that really blown me away. Well, first off, it has a superb taste which is comparable to those sold in stores I have mentioned above. Second, it is frozen and lasts for weeks. Third, the price is right considering the level of its quality and standard.

frozen hamburger
My frozen hamberger
Right now, as I write this, I have on the plate beside my computer a heated hamburger that really taste so yummy and nutritious too. As I eat my hamburger sandwich complete with cheese (included) and the veggies that I have added on it which consist of iceberg lettuce, cucumber and tomato, I can tell the health benefits I get from it. I get essential minerals my body needs such as calcium, magnesium and zinc. Protein which my muscles need to repair themselves from the ruptures brought about by my daily stressful work and regimen of exercises is present in every bite. And since hamburger patty is made of beef, I know I also get right amount of Vitamin B-12 which I need for blogging as it is responsible for brain-powering. See hamburgers are not only made to indulge, it has nutritional value too.

Source of my Hamburger Sandwich

One day after my arrival from my last short trip abroad, I went to Duty Free to avail of the post arrival privilege for all arriving passengers and that is called Duty-Free Shopping. That's when something caught my attention. A bag of frozen hamburgers is inside the supermarket freezer. The package were neatly done and the sandwiches are huge with patties so thick. I became curious because I know it came from the U.S. So I bought the only remaining stock which was the one inside the freezer. I could tell that it sells like hot cakes because that was the first time I saw it there in all four times that I've been in Duty Free and it couldn't have escaped my eyes as I always looked inside the freezer on my way to my favorite sausages and beef franks.

The cost per bag is 10.45 US dollars. Each bag contains 6 sandwiches. Compute it and you get less than 75 pesos per piece of the yummy burger, computed at the current exchange rate. Now how much is the hamburger in those high end restaurant chains? See if you make inventory of the following: level of taste standard, excellent quality control it undergone, size of each bun, lifespan inside the fridge, convenience in getting it once you're hungry and it's instantly served (just heat it up in your microwave for 45 minutes), not to mention the nutritional value, you'd say "Man! this burger definitely beats them all!". You get the worth of your money with this one big bite.

So, next time you are at the Duty Free Philippines, go grab one bag of this stuff or two. No, make it three. Believe me, you'll miss them once your supply is gone.
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