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January 12, 2013

Since New Year has just begun and Chinese Lunar Year is yet to commence just days from now, planner of all kinds is the new apple of the eye of most shoppers. The only merchandise visible in bulk at almost every bookstore in the metropolis nowadays, different group of people such as students, yuppies, professionals and businessmen swarm booths of different establishments to grab what they would consider the organizer book that fits their personality and status. The small leather portfolio comes in different faces and features as well as theme of calendars, notepad, address book, etc. But which one really stands out and has the most distinctive features over the others?

Below are the things to consider in buying a planner

Planner Organizer
1. Planners are always exposed to elements in our surrounding. Most of the time you hold it with your bare hands. Light color would easily become tarnished and dirt leaves marks and smears on light-colored leather. So, the way to go is to pick the one with dark colors such as black, brown, maroon or navy blue.

2. There are planners which are quick to open because they don't have zippers. You just unbutton it and open your organizer. The major setback on this type of planner is it doesn't hold important pieces of papers like receipts and checks among others. One wrong move like when you rush out of an office because of an important meeting, those small pieces of papers containing bits of precious information might fall and get lost. To avoid this bad scenario, choose the organizer inside leather portfolio with a zipper.

3. Having a planner means that you are looking forward to a year full of promise. You are very optimistic about auspicious events such as your promotion if your are a junior executive, a trip abroad if you are a promising sales executive, a holiday vacation with friends if you are a student, or your own organized business seminar set on a non-working day if you are a networking manager. These are all cover both international and local travel. As such, a list of breaks and vacation should be available at your disposal anytime. A planner with International Holidays would come in handy.

4. Compactibility will go a long way. A small leather portfolio with extra storage for things aside from credit cards, calling cards, notepad and pen would make your day to day business or school life complete in the area of being organized without the need to carry oversized and cluttered bag every time. When you have the right planner which is compact, you just pick it up and go without forgetting or leaving something behind. It's all there. So, look for organizer book with at least two extra compartments.

5. Big events shouldn't mix up with regular task and appointments as well as office or school activities. Milestones and celebrations are given huge importance and most often than not involved a lot of preparations. Because of that, they should fall to a separate page for quick glance. Before you go to the cashier, you might want to check out if the planner you're buying has the "Event Calendar".
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