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January 14, 2013

You might say you don't need external speakers for your laptop computer as most models today have built-in speakers, even with Dolby technology that enables them to deliver clear, crisp, surround sound. Well, all the more so with Dolby technology on your laptop. Let me share to you my story.

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As I have just finished drafts of three posts for this new blog of mine around 8 pm today, I felt exhausted and teary-eyed. Been in front of my laptop since 1 pm. In between of creating blog draft posts, I was doing some tweaks needed as well as search engine optimization for the new blog and replying to comments and Facebook wall messages of my other blog, the old one. I was also doing some research in Google and reading other blogs on SEO. All those stuffs took tolls on my body and I suddenly felt lethargic.

I decided to listen to some music as I was not ready to call it a night because there were still works that were lined up for me on the computer. Thought of taking a short break for a while. But instead of opening my iTunes which contains songs from Billboard top 100 that I deemed wouldn't sound good to my ears at this moment, I opted for classic musics which I had found in YouTube. Those mellow "oldies but goodies" songs might lift sluggish spirit. And it did, to me. But only after I have shifted my listening from the laptop's built-in speakers to my brand speakers which are perched on top of horizontal cabinet attached above the wall I am facing when seated in front of my desk.

The sound of my Compaq Presario is excellent alright. But something is lacking on the stroke of sound. I couldn't enjoy the music it emits and I'm sure it needs a good brand of speakers for me to really appreciate the sound to the fullest. That's why after I connected my Altec Lansing through the extended cable, my world suddenly slowed down and my mind stopped from pressuring itself to work. And as if I was hypnotized, I went to my bed and just listened to music. The accompaniments of songs (from James Ingram, Sheena Easton, David Pomeranz, Mariah Carey, Phil Collins, Celine Dion, A-1, Westlife, Rockstar, Boys II Men, Guys Next Door, Tiffany, Regine Velasquez, Jose Mari Chan, Donna Cruz and many others from YouTube's playlist called my favorite love songs ever!!! by rose4835) remarkably separate from the vocals, giving out surround sound with great punchy low but clear bass sound. My spirit lighten up. I got carried away. And as if I took some kind of energy drink, I became inspired again and ready to work. At no time, I'm back to work. Energized, recharged and optimistic again, full of ideas on how to express my thoughts through blogs. And all that is because of my Altec Lansing.

Truly, if I may quote, "Without music, life would be a be a big mistake."
And if I may add to that, "Without my Altec, there would be no music."
At all, for me.

Yes, you have read it right, folks. The brand is Altec Lansing. It's a world renowned maker of speakers for laptop computers. If I may say, this is not a paid post. I am just very satisfied with my speakers and I am very proud to have owned this brand. That's why I am sharing it to you. If you're contemplating on getting a speaker set for your laptop, I strongly recommend this brand as it really delivers real sound. For me, Altec Lansing speakers are another best buys that I have ever made.

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