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January 13, 2013

What is wireless internet? At home, it is your ability to connect to the internet via a wifi router that doesn't require you to connect your device to cables of the internet modem provided by your ISP (internet service provider). It enables you to move around the house while online using either your smartphone or tablet as well as notebook in ways that modem prohibits. The best part of having a wireless internet capability in your home is more than two or three people can be online all at the same time seamlessly.

Let's just say you have just applied for a broadband internet service and today it got installed. What's next? Internet connectivity at home wouldn't be complete without wifi routers. So, the next thing to do is to go to your nearest electronic store to get one.

My Wifi Router

wireless internet router
Let me share to you my own wifi router that I had bought two years ago and never let me down to this day. One thing to remember in buying a router is its simplicity in the installation and easy to follow steps in resetting the password. You see, wifi signals fan out and can reach your neighbors abode as well. This gives freedom for some techie culprits to steal your wifi connection. The worst thing to happen is when you're paying the bill without you knowing others enjoy internet connectivity that you own.

Folks, I don't get paid for sharing this device, or gadget if you will. I am a satisfied customer and since my blog niche is to help you buy things worth your hardly earned money, I might as well include this as among essentials that you must have today.

Now my wifi router is called EDiMAX Wireless Broadband Router. I bought it at one of the stores inside Cyberzone of SM City North EDSA Annex.

The router device comes with a CD-ROM disc for easy set-up. First, restart the computer to be used in setting up your wifi. It is best to use a laptop with built-in drive. Also, make sure that no browser windows are open while doing the set-up. Next, insert the EDiMAX disc into the drive of your computer.

The Wizard will open momentarily. Choose "English" as your language. You will be prompted with this introduction: "EZMAX Wizard will guide you to set up the Internet connection, Wireless ESSID, Wireless Security and perform Firmware Upgrade." Below it is a "Next" button. Hit the button.

"Enter the Wizard of BR-series" is the next instruction. Again, hit the second "Next" button opposite this phrase. Now a diagram of a modem, a router and a computer opens illustrating a simple flowchart of how you're going to connect the LAN cable from modem to computer, another cable from computer to the router and so on. It's quite easy, just follow the illustrations. Alongside the diagram is the instruction for you to connect the cables as shown.

After making sure you have correctly done it, check the box opposite Yes to confirm then hit the third "Next" button. It would be as easy as clicking "Next" buttons that appears subsequently along with some data that you need to input.

Before you know it, you are done. Now, enjoy your new wireless internet.
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