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February 10, 2013

In my post entitled Plastic Wrap Quickens Microwaving & Saves Electricity, you get to learn how to save electricity in using your microwave oven. Let me ask you now, what kind of air-conditioning unit do you use at home? By that I mean the features of your aircon regardless of whether it's a window type or split type. Today's article tackles another best way to save energy so that you lessen the total electric usage of your home. Needless to say, minimum consumption of electricity ultimately cuts your monthly bill, right? That's what aircon with fan does. If you don't have aircon yet, but planning to get one, this post will surely help you in purchasing a new unit.

Aircon With Fan is a kind of air-conditioning unit with timer and a built-in receptacle for electric fan plug.

You have two options of turning on the unit. Either set it to "On" or set it to "timer."

You turn aircon on timer mode by turning the knob clockwise and pointing it to your desired number of hours that you want the aircon to be running. Of course, you would have already plugged the electric fan to its built in outlet located at the back of the aircon's plug.

Here's how to do it. Plug the aircon to its socket. Plug the electric fan to the receptacle found in the plug of the aircon. Turn on the fan to your desired level. Now turn on the aircon to timer mode by pointing the knob to your desired number. Fan stops as you turn on the aircon. Lastly, point the knob of the A/C thermostat to your desired coolness. That's it. When the aircon turns off by itself, the fan turns on automatically.

Important Things To Remember In Getting Aircon

aircon with timer for aircon to fan operation
Make sure your electrical system meets the need of your aircon unit's electrical requirements which are all written on the unit's specs. This is crucial to avoid overheating that causes fire. If you're in doubt, have an electrician look into it.

Plugs of window type air-conditioners are three-prong. So, while in the store or before you purchase, make sure you have a right outlet on the wall near where you want the aircon to be installed.

Having energy saver feature like timer and aircon to fan function is not enough and not the only solution for cutting electrical bill on owning an air-conditioner.

You must make sure that you clean your unit once every two months if you can't do it on monthly basis. An aircon with accumulated dusts and dirt doesn't cool the room faster while at the same time consumes more energy. You get two blows right there.

Have professional team from the aircon company to conduct annual general cleaning. Usually they are two persons with right tools for washing the unit properly. This is important because regularly cleaning your unit yourself won't take all the dirt off especially the inside of the unit.

Cost of aircon with timer and aircon to fan function is a bit higher than ordinary ones. But if the saving you get in buying the later wouldn't cover the high cost of energy it consumes in the long run, getting the former wouldn't hurt your wallet after all. Or your bank account for that matter.

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