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February 19, 2013

Usage of jewelry is a custom which runs to the medieval days which means that women always wanted to look good and always had been using jewelry. But jewelry had become a vital part of the fashion world. Expensive jewelry developed in to fashion jewelry which broke many traditionally concepts about jewelry.

Fashion Jewelry
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In the recent past, jewelry were mostly made of gold and silver and in some cases bronze but it was not the common practice. Use of gold jewelry was also considered as a status symbol for women. More gold you were more respectable you were considered. Some even gave jewelry as wedding presents which continues to pass from family to family end up being family heirlooms.

It is quite common for Asian women to wear 24 carat gold which again is a status symbol. But when fashion concepts had developed and the designers started experimenting with their fashion concepts they started to play around with the jewelry as well. One big obstacle they had was it was not easy to match gold jewelry with all the dresses they made. So they thought about introducing fashion jewelry which can come in any of the colors. So the dress can be matched with the fashion jewelry. Initially it was not a very successful attempt but slowly but surely women around the world embrace the concept of fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry became a prominent medium for women to express themselves instead of boring same gold jewelry which had used the same kind of designs which had been used for generations. With the fashion jewelry a woman could express her inner self and also become creative. After the introduction of fashion jewelry some creative individuals started creating their own jewelry and those who were successful even went to the extent of making extra jewelry and sell to their friends and family.

There are some cases such attempt had been extended to a massive jewelry business as well. Even though it is a very extreme case it is quite common that women of all ages like to create their own customized jewelry which adds a bit of personal touch to the jewelry she wears. The biggest advantage of such fashion jewelry is that instead of buying a mass produced jewelry item which is worn by many others, you have a very unique piece of jewelry which help them to stand out among the others.

Raw material used for fashion jewelry can vary from the coconut shell, wood and coral to name a few. Use of coral had been a controversial issue in the past. But the manufacturers assure that the coral used are always dead coral and no harm was done for the environment. With the use of different types of raw materials used, it gave the opportunity to design quite a wide range of shapes and sizes. It is not unusual to see unusually big rings and ear rings, thanks to the fashion jewelry. That kind of creativity will not be possible if we had been using gold and silver since there could be certain limitations to experiment with those metals.

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Lana Joseph, a fashion enthusiast graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology USA. Currently runs her own clothing line and writes for fashion magazines about designer clothing, tailored shirts and womens fashion.

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