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February 25, 2013

Just as much as race car enthusiasts love their remote controlled cars, aviation enthusiasts love their model airplanes the same if not more. The feeling of getting up in the air is an adrenaline rush or perhaps it’s because there are so many types of models to choose from that keeps these hobbyists from ever getting bored with their labor of love. Whatever the reason, more and more people are getting into the hobby of radio controlled model helicopters.

Heli-max model helicopter is great hobbyWhen model helicopters were first introduced to the market the models were made of a cheap plastic that was cost effective to make and allowed manufacturers to keep the expenses down when passing the cost on to the buyers.

For the most part they were being used as theatrical props in plays or a cheap military spy tool because after all, who would suspect a toy? So of course, the cheap materials made for a less durable model that was sure to break at the first crash.

That isn’t necessarily the case anymore. With the introduction of diecast metals in the early 20th century came a new era of toys, including model cars, planes and radio controlled helicopters. When the technology caught up with the new durable frames of the model vehicles there was an even greater direction the flying hobby could go.

Out-of-the-box models can be costly but well worth it if constructed of the right materials. There are a wide variety of radio controlled aircrafts ready from the box such as Align, Heli-Max helicopters and Nitro just to name a few and that are all regarded as being made of durable, well-constructed parts. You’ll find there are many more options available for the ready-to-go models but do your research so you aren’t wasting your money.

If you can live without the extra bells and whistles, and you have the time and heart to put into a model project, consider building one from scratch to reduce the costs associated with a radio controlled model helicopter.

Start with the basics using a Balsa Wood Aircraft Kit or upgrade to an electric aircraft kit, large scale aircraft as well as nitro and turbine aircraft kits. Depending on the speed and abilities you want your model to achieve will determine the size motor, etc you want to use with your model.

The same will hold true for any accessories you decide to use on your model helicopter. These parts are not standard for every model. What may work for one type of aircraft may not work for the next. It is recommended that when you start out you try to stick to the same brand of model as you advance to more detailed and complicated models.

In the world of radio controlled car, boats, helicopters, planes and even robots; you are never limited by your imagination. That is one of the many things that draw enthusiasts of all ages to this hobby. You can make your own vehicle look however you want and with helicopters; the sky is the limit.

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Sydney Spence is a writer, marketer and freelance photographer living in Austin, Texas.
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