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February 14, 2013

What is induction? Before you mistake the ceremony in which somebody is inducted to an office, for what I meant here, I'd like you to know that what I would be sharing to you today is the cooking device called induction cooker. According to TheInductionSite.com, induction "makes the cooking vessel itself the original generator of the cooking heat" and "the heat generated in the cooking vessel is transferred to the vessel's contents". It only goes to show that when you cook your food using an induction cooker, it will be done in no time.

induction cooker
In today's fast-paced lifestyle and environment, we always wish for certain things that could help us fast track house chores so that we can have extra time for our favorite social media apps before heading toward accomplishing more important tasks. Multi-tasking has added to the newly learned vocabulary of many.

Thanks to information technology that the powerful phrase once applied only to office environment has become a must to households whether of small or big family and its extent is also felt by singles who are renting their own places to be near to their jobs.

My Induction Cooker

You wouldn't be impressed by merely looking at the photo of my darling in the kitchen. It has been used countless times since I bought it almost 3 years ago. You can see the crack near the control panel. To this day, she functions and does her job consistently.

As a busy person and single, what I need when it comes to food is something that could deliver me newly cooked meal after I have hit some buttons. Of course, microwave is there, but it only reheats, doesn't it?

One of my favorite dishes at home is "Sinigang Na Salmon". What I would do is to wash veggies and the fish itself while the pot is in the cooker boiling the water. I'd put the salmon first then get to work on my computer.

After 8 minutes, I would add the veggies, sinigang mix and some spices, then I would cover it. After 5 minutes, I would turn it off, and let it stay there a little bit before I prepare to eat.

Cooking at its simplest form. Fast and efficient. Uncluttered and compact. I would just wipe it with a little bit wet cloth or a squeezed sponge to clean its surface.

induction cooker
Multi-purpose. You see my kitchen area is so tiny. I only have a small sink beside the cooker. I don't have enough space for chopping and preparing raw ingredients, etc. Ever since I bought the cooker, I also use it as a mounting board. It's on its surface where I chop, with cutting board, of course. I also use it as a rack after I wash the dishes before they get stored in the overhead shelve. Funny? Yes! I'm serious. Look at the photo. That's how I do it.

Okay, now, the best part, before we wrap up today's topic. I know, you're waiting for this. Electric consumption, right? Well, if I would be asked what's the best feature of my induction cooker, I would answer right off that it's the saving it gives on my electricity bill.

It doesn't consume a lot of electricity. Take it from me.

That's all for this topic. But, I would be talking more about the right cook wares that you must use for your induction cooker. They are not your ordinary pots and kettles. Stay tuned :)

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