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February 17, 2013

First, lets define desktop. We are talking about the place you actually work and keep your pencils, computer, printer, phone, cords, and all that important “stuff” that goes on a desktop, not the desktop of your computer.

The word koozie is one that not everyone understands, but it is that beautiful little device who’s main purpose is to keep your drink cool. This is a pretty simple concept and very useful. It has been said that you can keep your drink 10 degrees cooler for up to an hour. This little gizmo may have a few other good reasons to be on your desktop other than keeping your drink cool.

1. Condensation eradicator

Yes, one of the problems of having a cold soda on your desk is that nice ring of water that is left behind. This ring of water invariably gets wiped up by the most important document of the day and you now have a water-logged contract. Solution? Keep your afternoon wake up soda in a protective device and your desktop stays dry.

2. Desk Organizer

It is true, you want to have your pens, your highlighters, your scissors, markers and all those other cylindrical apparatuses within easy reach, but not rolling across your desk. Simple solution, use a foam storage container. It is the perfect sized storage unit for keeping your desk clean.

3. Cellphone Protector

You have a fairly big investment in your cell phone and it is a big part of your life. You probably need it more than your wallet. Sure you have a screen protector, maybe a case, maybe not, as a case can get pretty thick and uncomfortable. It is very convenient to be able to slip your cell phone into a collapsible padded koozie for safety purposes. You can leave it on your desk, or take it with you as it is quite portable.

4. Slip Slide Averter/Stabilizer

Picture this, your soda or water is on your desk, and the mail guy comes by and knocks it over. Now you have a big mess and are probably replacing a keyboard or a laptop. You get to make that fun call to the IT Department where they explain to you (as if you were a child) that you should not have food or drinks near computers! Well, if your soda was firmly anchored with a wider slip proof base, you would probably not have had that issue. Your foam koozie will add almost an inch to the base and due to it’s rubber like consistency will not slide as easily. Catastrophe averted.

5. Motivational Device

The selection of your koozie will motivate you. It may have come from that great vacation spot, so you will work harder to be able to return, or it may have come from your wedding. You will always have your loving spouse and family as a motivator to do the best job you can.

These are 5 solid reasons to use a koozie on your desk. You will be safer, more organized, protected, and motivated all due to the little ole Koozie.

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Bob Liddle is a proud father of two,
full time family man and has a great time
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