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February 02, 2013

We always look for ways to save on our electricity consumption to cut our electricity bill. One of many ways on how to do that is to use each of our appliances properly. That includes the microwave oven. Nowadays, almost every dish that we used to cook at home has its "cooked already version" that we can buy not only in fast food chains but in supermarkets and bakeshops as well.

Aside from our favorite Filipino dishes like caldereta, menudo, diniguan and afritada that are now sold frozen as well as in tetra packs, "frozen vegetables already cooked" are already available. Busy people prefer buying them on the way home and reheat them in microwave to better manage and save time. But how do you maximize microwave usage while at the same time cut electric bill? The answer is to shorten the time of reheating and attaining the desired heat of your food. How do you do that? Through plastic wrap. You will learn how it works, just continue reading.

Usually, we use microwave dome plate lid cover every time we heat our food, right? This type of cover can be used in any type of container because they are a little bit oversized. We use cover to avoid messing the inside of microwave because some foods pop and fly and even explode when we microwave them. These cause stains and splashes that are pain to clean inside the oven and if not cleaned immediately, stick there strongly. Examples of foods that splash and explode while being microwaved are oatmeal, beans, dishes with tomato sauce, etc. Another good reason why we cover food inside microwave is to preserve its nutrients while microwaving. Speaking of nutrients, that's where the importance of using plastic wrap is better than those dome plastic covers. Aside, of course, from the savings it gives in the electricity.

How Plastic Wraps Save Electricity In Microwave

Plastic wrap is air-tight when used properly in heating food. Microwave oven heating is done through the process called "dielectric". Substances from the food being heat up such as water molecules, sugar molecules, fat molecules, etc regulate themselves with the alternating electric fields from the microwaves. In the process, these molecules heat up, rub each other and become part of the cooking mechanism, heating up even more other molecules that are not absorbing much of the microwaves. The more the food container is tightly closed, the fastest the cooking process is achieved.

Microwave dome cover is loose to fit all sizes of microwavable food container and the microwave plate itself. Because of that, leakage is unavoidable hampering the whole action of heating up.

How To Use Plastic Wrap In Microwaving Food

Plastic wrap is cut from its box depending on the size of food container. Then you lay it and spread it out on the food container, of course with your food on it, and you make sure the entire rim is covered and the wrap is fitted firmly. Now your food is ready for the microwave.

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