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February 04, 2013

Although hi-tech gadgets have replaced accessories as the number one in the list for buying gifts even for our self, watch is still the best gift as far as fashion is concern. Wrist watch is the ultimate final touch of your get-up on almost all occasions. In fact, even your outdoor activity and physical fitness exercises require you to wear a wristwatch in some cases.

Below are four kinds of wristwatch that you can check out. This guide would come in handy if you're looking for ideas on what brand of men's wristwatch to buy.

This watch is called "Museum Watch" because in 1960, its first design which was looked almost as this one with only few variations was displayed in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art. Elegant but innovative in its design, this men's dress watch is created by world renowned brand called Movado.

Movado Watch for men
This is a type of watch that won't put you down in social events and gatherings as well as business meetings. Famous male celebrities who's seen wearing Movado watches include Billy Bush and Jaden Smith.

Invicta Diver's watch
Elegant extreme sport watch. That's what our second watch offers to the athletic person in you. Designed as diver's watch, it is water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet. Designed by an equally prominent brand based in the United States called Invicta.

There are a handful of Hollywood celebrities that wear Invicta watches. Among them are: Dean Cain, Arnold Schwazeneger, James Woods, Daniel Dae Kim, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Alba and Mandy Moore.

Invicta sports watch
Small dial sport watch from Invicta. This is my new favorite. Sporty and cool, my all occasion watch. Got my favorite color, blue, on the surface of the dial. Illuminates at night and goes with all types of clothes. You can wear it on a club or videoke bar, a movie date, etc. Excellent on striking a first impression too on one of your first dates.

Seiko watch
Seiko. Now this is my everyday watch, even though I don't wear watch daily. One of the reasons I always wear it is because it's not that expensive compare to the three I have shared to you above. Also, this one is automatic and it stops when not worn.

Final Thought

At some point in our day to day lives, we tend to leave our gadgets at home to be on a laid-back atmosphere to relax our mind. A simple wristwatch somehow gives oneself a fullness in outfit especially when tracking of time couldn't set aside even in hours devoted to recharging our bodies. In social events and gathering, wearing a piece of jewelry to match your attire makes you more confident and ready to mingle and make new acquaintances. A brand wristwatch worn during a cocktail party can break the ice for a shy type individual. How? Well, it's makes easy for a very well-rounded person to approach you and open a conversation, like saying "Nice watch!". If you are a salesman, a stock broker or a real state agent, you should be wearing a good brand of wristwatch on all social events you attend. It's good for your career.
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