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March 01, 2013

A solitaire engagement ring. At first, you might think that it’s too common to give to someone special. But if you thoroughly consider this type of ring, you’ll understand why it’s still chosen by most to signify their engagement even with all the types of settings and designs available in jewellery shops today. You’ll find that the very simplicity of the ring makes it an extraordinary piece of jewellery.

Two things that you’ll love with a solitaire are its versatility and its timelessness.

solitaire ring

You’d immediately think that you’d have a very limited selection in solitaire engagement rings. But that’s not true at all. Because it’s such a simple design, you can use any gem, stone cut and size, setting and metal. You just need to pick which one would be your fiancée’s style.

Stone cut. Fancier stone cuts often lose its elegance when used in complicated settings. But in a solitaire ring, you can have the simplest round cut or the unique marquise-shaped diamond and would still have an exquisite engagement ring.

Stone size and color. Same thing goes with stone size and colour selection. A big blue rock will always look elegant, and a colourless diamond that doesn’t even weigh 1 carat would still stand out.

Setting. A solitaire isn’t limited to the prong setting. If your fiancée wants a more modern piece of jewellery to wear, choose the tension setting. Another option is the bezel setting, which wraps the diamond up to a thin rim at the top.

Metal. You can also have any kind of metal to use for the ring’s band – from platinum to titanium. You just need to choose which would work best for the stone and the setting that you want.

Budget. Since you can play around with the type of stone, metal and setting, even the budget range for the engagement ring becomes versatile, too. You can have it at the most modest price, or you can opt to splurge on the quality of the stone.


For those who’d like to show their emotions – and status, the solitaire is the perfect engagement ring design. It’s a universally accepted symbol of love and betrothal. Upon seeing your ring, even from afar, people would know that you’re in love and committed.

If you invest in a good quality stone and setting, you can even pass on the solitaire ring to your children and grandchildren. It will never look outdated and will always be treasured by the future generations of your family.

Final pointers: Buying the best solitaire

Due to its simplicity, however, a solitaire ring can easily display any flaws of the stone, the setting or even the metal. Still, it doesn’t mean that you have to choose the most expensive stone and limit yourself to platinum for the band.

There are just some significant details you need to make sure you’ve got an excellent solitaire engagement ring.
  • Choose a diamond of good colour and clarity, especially if it will be set by prongs.
  • Symmetry and clean finish shouldn’t be compromised. Prongs should be evenly spaced. Bezel setting should be finished smoothly and securely.
  • Select the best type and quality of metal for the setting you want. Platinum and 18k white gold are top choices for colourless diamonds in prong and bezel settings. Titanium is best for tension-set rings.

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