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March 14, 2013

Tablets have become the latest craze right now and why couldn’t it be the perfect gift choice? It certainly can. If it’s a holiday or a birthday, a Tablet is a great gift idea that you can think of purchasing for friends and family. The best part of deciding on a tablet as a gift idea is that you can choose between a range of items that are manufactured through some of the best brands in the world.

Tech savvy individuals would simply love the idea of getting a Tablet for their birthday since that is considered to be the ‘In’ thing. Microsoft offers Surface and Apple offers the iPad while there are many other known brands available. Read through and find out more about our tablet gift ideas.

Microsoft Surface

If the person that you are gifting the tablet is more into business and works more often, then the most suitable would be the Microsoft Surface. With Microsoft office integration, they will be able to edit various Microsoft files as well as upload them through SharePoint or email using Outlook. It has a different tiled interface compared to iPad and Android Tablets and it is fun to use.

The iPad

tablet as giftThe iPad is the ideal gift for the not so tech savvy friend or parent of yours. The iPad is the best choice in this case mainly because it has one of the easiest operating systems that users can figure out easily. Even though the competition is fierce with Microsoft and Android, Apple’s iPad remains the best option as a gift for beginners as well as casual users.

Kindle Fire HD

The Kindle Fire HD tablet is the best gift idea if the person you are thinking of is a multimedia addict. One of the best products manufactured by Amazon, the Kindle Fire HD is the perfect way to enjoy a number of Amazon services. The best part of getting the tablet is that if your friend is a prime member, he or she can have access to Amazon’s movie and TV show streaming facilities which is a great deal for them. Another upside of the tablet is that the owner will be able to borrow a book each month with no due date.

Google Nexus 4

This is mainly for the Android addict. The Google Nexus 4 is perfect for the tech savvy friend of yours who is a pro when it comes to multi tasking. The tablet offers unparallel flexibility while the user gains more control over various apps, widgets and other features. The Google Nexus 4 tablet gives the user the freedom to do what they want. The use of the operating system has become quite easy due to the Jellybean 4.2 update. The best part of Android’s Google Nexus 4 is that there is also a model with a large storage capacity and cellular capabilities so that you can easily use the tablet as a phone.

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