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March 09, 2013

I’m what many people would call cheap. That’s why I found it quite surprising that I was taken in by a good deal from an online knife store. A snazzy looking pocketknife was astronomically cheap, and I figured I would pick one up to maybe give as a gift because it was one of those deals that seems crazy not to do.

However, when the knife arrived about a week later, I became an instant knife-carrying convert. And believe me, I live in a small apartment, so I’m not the kind of person you would normally find worshipping knives in the backyard or skinning deer with nine-inch knives. Now, I’m never more than a few feet from that finely made slab of steel.

Through my experiences, I’m here to tell you why pocketknives are a surprising but great necessity you should have on you at all times.

1. Perfect for opening things

Before getting a knife, I never realized how much packaging I opened on a weekly basis. Prior to the knife, I would use my hands or scissors to cut the duct tape off cardboard boxes or unwrap plastic. With the knife, I’m able to easily open packages with one hand and little effort.

Think about just how many pieces of plastic you’ve had to cut off, whether it’s the plastic around a toy for your son or plastic wrapped around a jar of spaghetti sauce. Sure, you can open things with scissors or a fork, but nothing beats the effectiveness or convenience of a great pocketknife.

2. Cuts fruit with ease

This may sound like another trivial use for the pocketknife, but if you’ve ever been in a hurry to peel the skin off of an apple or slice it into manageable pieces, you can relate to my fawning over the knife’s ability to do it with ease. There are kitchen knives, but the benefit of doing it with a pocketknife is that you can clip the knife on your belt or stick it in your pocket, so it’ll always be nearby. You can use your pocketknife to cut a variety of foods too, such as cheese and vegetables. Just make sure you clean it before and after every use.

3. Great for making repairs

It’s a sad truth of life, but things break. Over the past few weeks, an innumerable amount of things have broken around the house. For example, I accidentally sat on my glasses and the tiny screw popped off. Normally, I would have panicked and broken open the piggy bank to count my pennies and see whether I can afford a toolset that includes tiny screwdrivers. Because I had a pocketknife handy, I was able to use the small point to fix my glasses like new.

Another point to make is that I only have a pocketknife, but you could actually get a Swiss Army knife, which has many more tools and features to fix any problems that might arise.

4. In the unlikely event of an emergency…

Never in my life have I felt truly threatened by anyone or anything to the point that I felt more comfortable with a knife. Still, a pocketknife, no matter how small it is, can offer some personal protection. I’ve read countless tales and stories about how knives have come in handy at scary moments, like one boy’s encounter with a vicious cougar. There are also instances of people getting in horrible car accidents and only survived because they had a knife to cut themselves free from a broken seatbelt. While the odds of anything as extreme as that happening are slim, it’s still wise to be prepared.

Guest post by Jack Thompson, a freelance writer.
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