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April 19, 2013

In my post entitled Benefits & Advantages Of Induction Cooker, I shared an appliance which I considered as best buy. My own induction cooker and how it helps me a lot in cooking what I eat myself and do it in an instant without feeling interrupted on my work in front of my computer. By using the right cookware for induction, you can attain fastest possible cooking time.

Cookware for InductionAlmost all kinds of cookware have induction type. Induction compatible cookware contains iron and has layer with magnetic properties. Pan, kettle and pot made of stainless steel and aluminum are not compatible with induction cooker.

However, in my experience on my induction cooker, an ordinary non-induction casserole works just fine but as far as boiling the water only. Can't use it for cooking a dish as it's not only sticky but the food gets burned too. So, I use it only for making hard-boiled eggs.

I have three kinds of cookware for induction.

A cooking pot, a frying pan, and a mid-sized pressure cooker.

My pan has teflon coating. It makes for convenient frying as it is non sticky. I owe my healthy body to this pan as I can make half-cooked vegetables in an instant with no or less cooking oil. Frying egg without oil is done in seconds.

The pot I've got has no teflon coating. I use it primarily for cooking any type of soup dish such as soup fish, beef stew, and chicken congee. Like the pan, cooking in my induction-compatible pot is a breeze. I can do the cooking while blogging. All I need to do is to boil water, get back to my desk, a little later I add the fish or chicken, then back to my computer, 5 minutes after add the veggies and seasoning, cover it and turn off the cooker. Done in around 15 minutes. It saves time, power and energy.

Now my induction-compatible pressure cooker has changed the way I cook mung beans. Usually, in traditional way, mung beans are soaked for hours. Then they are cooked in boiling water until soften. Then, the second part of cooking it. Saute the garlic, onions and tomatoes. Add shredded smoked fish, mix them together and then add the soften mung beans. Simmer it, add some seasoning, pork chicharon and finally, the malunggay or ampalaya leaves. Cover it and after few more minutes the dish is ready to serve. Now that is so tedious.

Here's how I cook my mung bean dish. Fast but more nutritious, delicious and without oil. After I wash the mung beans, I put them in the pressure cooker with right amount of water and together with pork chicharon and a sachet of flavor seasoning, I cook it for extra 10 minutes after the whistle sounds. Once the cooker has cooled down, I add malunggay or horseradish, simmer and it's ready to serve. Try it and you'll be blown away at what it tastes like.

Beef porridge, chicken soup and the like are quickly cooked in pressure cooker using induction.
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