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May 10, 2013

Today, I'm going to share a home essential which helped me in maximizing a small space of my rented small studio room. As I write more about my sweet home through a series of posts on this blog, you will discover how tiny my unit is. If your pad is similar to mine or if someone dear to you lives in a tiny space, this article is for you. Nevertheless, large houses can also benefit as well if only for improvement one can get. Let's talk about anti slip flooring. And how I improvised to create a complete kitchen area adjacent to my toilet & shower room in an area that measures only 3.5' by 8.2'.

The floor of the entire area is made of white tiles because it was intended for bathroom and toilet used only. But because of the sink attached to the wall that can be used for washing dishes with a help of a mounting and counter-top, creative ideas popped out in my head on how to convert half of the whole space into a kitchen with separator at the middle.

You see my rented space has no kitchen of its own. When I first stepped on it, the unit is a bare elongated room. To allow the natural light to come inside through the ventilation opposite the door, a dividing concrete panel which looks like a half-wall with its top extended overhead is built between main room and toilet&bath area. That serves as partition.

Anti-flip flooring and mat for household useThe drain hole of original T&B area is located as soon as you come inside. It falls right at the center of my newly created kitchen. Naturally, waters that produced every time I use the shower flow down the tile flooring toward the drain hole. That makes the floor in the kitchen area slippery at all times. That's the initial problem to which I had to find a solution. Enter the anti-slip flooring.

Uses & Purposes of Anti-Slip Flooring

As its name implied, anti-slip flooring is used in wet and slippery areas. This is to avoid accidents of slipping which is one of the major causes of fatal head injuries among children and older people.

These flooring tiles are primarily used in kitchen, toilet, swimming pool, garden, corridor and other slippery parts of homes, buildings and recreational places.

There are two types of anti-slip flooring - rubber and plastic. In my case, what I need is lightweight, strong, comfortably cool under my feet, easy to discharge water, easy to install and easy to clean anti-slip. That's why I picked the one made in strong quality plastic. It has all the characteristics I was looking for in a mat.

The best feature of anti-slip flooring - it is elevated and doesn't touch the floor in which it is placed. Flowing water goes underneath. The surface of this anti slip is always dry. For me, having found this and actually using it, is one of the best quick fixes I have made.

Of course, dirt cannot be avoided as hair fall during shower and dusts from my slippers and shoes accumulate underneath. The partition between my kitchen area and T&b doesn't touch the floor and the only area covered by my anti-slip flooring is on the kitchen. To clean the plastic anti-slip, I would just turn them and brush them a little bit, rinse and lay the flooring back to the ground. They dry fast so it's not messy looking on the floor. Very hygienic. Truly, a worth the buy tool for household use.

This post is just a first chapter of how I turned a small room into a space-efficient and comfortable pad. I have managed to achieve that by making smart decision of buying things.
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  2. @ iram akram. You are welcome. Thank you as well for visiting my blog. Nice site you got there. Very informative and helpful.

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