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May 16, 2013

What I'm sharing today is a lightweight version of a blender. It must be included on your list of important things to buy for your household. Before we cut to the chase, let me share some thoughts about health. By nature, humans are conscious about their body. Time constraints and other priorities cause health regimens to take the back seat in our daily lives. In subconscious mind, lots of us wonder how to be sexy. One of the countless ways to get a slim body is to cut on carbohydrates while supplying your body with enough energy and nutrients by means of a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. Only then, questions like "how to lose weight?" will no longer occupy our mind.

mini blenderMini blender is an item which can be considered as one of the best tools for people who want to lose weight. How does the lightweight version of food mixer make our health regimen even more easier? The answer is so simple.

Mini Blender Programs our Minds to Make Smoothies daily

If you have a mini blender on your small table at your rented pad or at the kitchen of your residence, you will be enticed to use it on a daily basis. Regular sized blender is kept in secured places that sometimes not seen. Why? Because of its fragile quality. It is big, heavy and with delicate glass body. The tendency is to pass up using it for a moment until one year had passed and the equipment had not been used.

Based on my experience, seeing my mini blender in front of me everyday has helped me developed healthy habit of procuring different types of fruits. Chunks of pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon, avocado, banana, papaya and other cheap but highly nutritious fruits which I buy on regular basis go directly to my freezer. I would just get them and throw some onto the glass of my mini blender. Next, I would add chosen liquid, depends on my mood, and a little bit of artificial sugar if needed. I would then put the lid on the glass. And then, I would place the covered glass upside down onto its small base and turn the motor on. After about 30 seconds or so, I would just take the turned upside-down glass from its base, reverse it back to normal handling, open the lid and drink my healthy smoothie straight up.

My mini blender is compact and durable. Very light and easy to use. The blades are attached inside the lid of the plastic glass. Once the glass has contents and ready with its lid tightly closed, it is placed onto the base upside-down to fit the lid on the rotor of the based. A little bit of turning and the glass and its base interlock each other. There's only one button, and you only turn it on to mix and then turn it off when done.

What about you? How do you make smoothies? Which one do you use? Mini blender or regular size one?
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