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May 24, 2013

Today's article is about home improvement by use of a tool that once you owned a good brand, you can rightfully say of having a best buy. Although tips on this post is for a small home that made primarily of concrete, you can also apply them to a big house to get the benefits of more free spaces in your rooms. In a previous article entitled How Anti-Slip Flooring Helps to Maximize Space, I talked about how anti-slip flooring has helped me in utilizing a small space and turned it into a small kitchen. I also mentioned there that as you read each post about my place, you will discover how tiny it is. This is the second part of that article.

Power Drill aka electric drillPower drill has helped me in adding extra spaces to my pad. You see, my main room only measures 8.2' wide and 12' in length. Yes, it's smaller than a standard bedroom. With height of 8 feet, the studio-type room is made of concrete. But because I have managed to utilize the spaces around the topmost portions of all the walls that touching the concrete ceiling, I have reclaimed more available spaces for mobility on the floor where major furnishings settle.

In a small place like this, what you would get is a bedroom and a toilet. But look to what I've got. I have a kitchen, a T&B, a bedroom and my own workstation.

Let me enumerate all the things I have in the main room: 7 cubic feet refrigerator, microwave oven, big box of commercial roll of plastic wrap, electric fan, air-conditioning unit, desk, printer, 24" flat screen TV, two laptop computers, two 5-door vertical cabinets, 3-door vertical cabinet, wire shelves, a tall round table with 2 folding chairs, an office chair, oriental room divider, a pair of 250W speaker, a pair of 2.1 subwoofer speaker, large DVD player, mini DVD player, 4-drawer plastic vertical cabinet, three large storage boxes, two flat plastic storage boxes, two plastic drawer storage boxes, small plastic storage box, eight 12L plastic containers, eight 10L handy boxes, bags, backpacks, single bed frame & mattress, 2 comforters, scores of pillows & bed sheets, countless pillowcases, lots of clothes, tones of papers & books and different kinds of gadgets, collector items, chargers and accessories as well as CDs. Added to them are these: bottles of liquor, wine glasses, shot glasses, stocks of canned goods and foods in boxes of different sizes, scores of lamplight, lampshades, microphones, medicines and of course lots of souvenirs from my travels to many of places.

The idea is to place tons of belonging in a small place without making it look like a hoarder's den or a bodega. How would you do that?

As I've said, these stuffs are only inside the main room, from the door to the doorway of kitchen and T&B which are also loaded with a lot of items from ceiling to the halfway down the walls. Yes, my things are placed overhead and they neatly settle there in a very uncluttered way. In a separate post, I will reveal how those boxes as big as beer cases and stuffs of all kinds are neatly arranged in the kitchen. Meanwhile, let me share how I put things on the main room in order to accomplish what I had wanted - an organized and tidy space where I have separate areas for my desk, bedroom, dining area and a conducive area for TV viewing. I have done all of them mainly because I have the right equipment. Everything that completed the transformation of my home has followed only the existence of that tool. Without it, I wouldn't have made my home livable in a very relaxing way. And that tool is called power drill. Others call it electric drill.

How a Power Drill Helps Add Extra Space in your Home

Basically, electric drill is used to pierce holes through any material including concrete. Except iron, of course. It has different sizes of bits and drills. With this tool, you can install everything from cabinets to large speakers onto the uppermost part of your wall so that the lower areas give you the free space for comfortable mobility and extra space for grounded furnishings, e.g., ref, desk, table, vertical cabinet, etc. But the most useful fix you can do with your electric drill is to create board shelves that runs along the length of the opposite sides of your topmost walls.

You will learn the basics of using this powerful tool on the third part of this series which you can visit by going to: How To Use Electrical Drill For Home Improvement?

Things discussed on my next post:

- Placements of objects I mentioned above inside my room. For example, the 3 door vertical cabinet is positioned horizontally above my desk which faces the opposite wall.
- Details of board shelves, i.e., dimensions and how they will look good when full of different things.
- Learn how to use portable electrical drill and what are the other things that you would need in conjunction of this tool to organize and rearrange your own place by means of maximizing available space above your head.
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