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July 23, 2013

This is another content which spawned from my personal experience. It is about clogged sink and how to fix it. Please bookmark this article for your future needs. I am recommending to buy as early as today the two tools we will be discussing on this article, namely, drain snake and a box wrench set. They are good investments and worth every penny you will spend for them.

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Drain Snake, also known as drain auger and sink snake, is a coiled flexible metal wire with spring at one end and a handle at the other. It is similar to the one used by Septic Tank Services. Only the one they use is called plumber snake because of its big size.

Wrench is a tool used to grip hexagon shaped iron covers and few types of screw head and other similar objects primarily to tighten them or to open a main body part in which they are fixed.

How I fix clogged sink problem at my own home?

drain snake aka drain auger
In over three years renting the place I got now, I have already experienced my sink got clogged couple of times. The first time it happened, the mini drain snake that I bought for 7 dollars did the trick. I just inserted it and moved it around using its handle and I went as far through the drain as I could go and at no time, the water on my sink subsided.

The second time around, the clog wouldn't budge from the full force when I repeatedly plunged the drain auger while moving it around back and forth.

What to do if clogged sink problem worsens?

Here's where human instinct works. I squatted on my haunches and looked right at sink trap underneath. I slowly touched it downwards groping for an opening of some sort until I felt what I thought to be a cap on the underside of the P-trap. The upside-down cap has hexagon bolt head attached to the center of its surface.

I immediately put a small basin right below the trap, grabbed my wrench box and after trying different sizes of wrenches, one fitted right on the cap. Since the cap is upside-down, to open it while looking down at it from above, the turn should be clockwise. If you lie on your back and looking up at the cap while opening it, turn it counter-clockwise.

Clogged sink problem solved in ten minutes

As soon as the cap loosened, water and dirt spouted onto the basin. The water in the sink came down the trap unobstructed and instantly cleared out of the washbowl. For final clean-up, I use my fingers to thoroughly get rid of all the dirt and muddy particles from the inside of the trap's mouth after which I returned the cap, closing it tight enough to avoid any leakage. The whole process took me only around 10 minutes.

Tips & Warnings

I highly recommend using gloves for health hazards this fix may incur. There are different types of P-trap. Yours may have different specs and without opening underneath (unlike mine). But bolts are present there. If that is the case, you might need a different tool. The trick is to separate the lower part of the trap which looked like U and then clean it up thoroughly. Whenever your sink gets clogged, always use the drain snake first. It so easy. Insert the springy end of your auger into the drain of your sink. Slowly push it downward until you feel that it no longer penetrates. Now crank the handle. The auger will snake its way further down into the drain. If you are doing it right, the water in your sink bowl should begin to flow down. If it doesn't do the job, that's the time to work under the sink itself. Hope you find this article helpful.
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