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July 09, 2013

In my post entitled Power Drill Helps Add Extra Space At Home, I shared to you the dimension of the main room of my small rented place and how I easily transformed it into a bigger area by utilizing extra spaces to fit lots of furnishings, tools, gadgets, etc without turning it into a bodega or hoarder's den. The result is a quaint place with serene, spacious and relaxing abode subdivided properly to accommodate my workstation.

Cabinet installed or attached to a wall
Power drill can help you attain a best home improvement. In the area of gaining more available spaces, you need to be sure that you have the complete set of materials to which you attach your improvised furnishings.

Here Are Some of What You will Need:

Right brand of electrical drill
Safety glasses
Different types and sizes of tox
Shelve brackets
TV bracket
Board shelves
Various kinds of wall pegs
Tape measure

Operating the drill can be easily learned. You don't have to worry about that. Learning to bike is harder.

How to use Power Drill?

1. Plug the power drill on electrical socket.
2. Wear your safety glasses to protect your eyes.
3. Depending on the size of screw bolt, fit a corresponding bit into the chuck of your drill and make it tightly attached (use chuck wrench).
4. Check the reversing switch making sure that its on forward direction.
5. Hold the drill perpendicular to wall surface. One hand on side handle or the bottom of its body and one hand on its piston grip.
6. Turn on trigger switch and bore a hole by slowly pushing the drill making sure that the power tool is steady.
7. When the hole is complete, insert the right size of tox onto the hole.

Now power drill has done its work. You can now use the hole to attach any object onto the wall. But wait. You need more than one hole to attach a thing that will hold different kinds of objects. One hole is good only for a hook or hanger. To attach a big horizontal shelf into the upper area of a wall, for example, you need two brackets. Each bracket has six holes. Three on one side and three on the other side. You got to make three holes on the wall and another three beneath of your shelf. Towards the end of this article, I will give you the basics in completing this task.

How I Arranged Lots of Things Inside Small Room?

Through the use of my favorite tool, the electrical drill, I was able to attach a vertical cabinet furniture into the upper wall in horizontal position. That alone has added more space for me in the floor. Imagine if that furniture is standing in the way. Hanging it there gives more ambiance conducive to my blogging work. All the stuffs I need related to my work are kept inside of the cabinet. Though there are other things I store in there (mostly legal documents, warranties, official receipts, etc) to maximize all the space. The purpose is to attain a neat place from an otherwise inevitably messy condition caused by having lots of possessions cramped in a small place.

Beneath the horizontal hanging cabinet, I installed a floating shelf with the same length of the cabinet. On it are small plastic boxes containing chargers of different gadgets and other stuffs. Internet modem and wifi router are on top of these boxes and I've got my complete set of Porsche toy cars on display above them. Immediately below is another floating shelf with the same length of my desk. Printer occupies the right portion of this shorter floating shelf and beneath it is a plastic rack. In front of this rack, side by side with it, is my large wheeled desk. A 4-drawer plastic storage cabinet is on the left end of the floating shelf. An oriental divider serves as partition between my workstation and my bed. The two folds of the 4-fold divider face my desk and the other two folds bent to the left (to hide the bed from the workstation).

Opposite each other above left and right long walls before the ceiling are long and wide board shelves where lots of stuffs are also neatly placed. Electric fan is attached to the wall alongside the aircon. TV is attached to the left wall above my dining table facing the part of the divider that covers the other side of the bed. I use a tall round bar table with two folding chairs for space efficiency. To save power consumption when aircon is in used and to avoid my main door and kitchen doorway facing each other, two wall curtains cover the totality of the other end of the main room, giving the illusion of a wall behind the curtains. You just part the other curtain to get to the kitchen and bathroom.

How to hang cabinets on walls?

To install a large object such as cabinet onto your wall, you must use two heavy duty shelf brackets, preferably big ones. These two brackets hold heavy object such as horizontal cabinet. Brackets form a right angle and placed in reverse position so that the vertical side is attached to the wall while the horizontal side holds the bottom of objects. Before piercing holes on your wall and the object that will be installed, mark areas to bore.

Hold your bracket with its one side touching the wall. Use a marker and blacken the three holes to leave marks on the wall. Do the same markings on the bottom of your object. Make some measurement so that the two brackets become symmetrical. Hold the horizontal side of your bracket to the bottom of your object and do the same markings on it. Begin boring holes. Attach the two brackets firmly to the wall with proper bolts. Put your object slowly over the horizontal side of the brackets. You might need a hand in doing this so you might want to call a buddy. Check if the object is fitted just right. Screw all the bolts onto holes of your brackets piercing through holes of your object. Tighten them to strengthen the cling of your object to the wall. That's it.

Hope you get some ideas on how you can maximize space in your home by having your own brand of electrical drill.

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