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August 30, 2013

With the transition from basic mobile telephony to smartphone and tablet, today's communication tools has evolved into much sophisticated and advanced power communication tool. Along with almost all kinds of apps, designs and sizes, is the evolution of headset. Back in the day, cellphone users were contented with wired headset.

Now that bluetooth headsets are available for all models of smartphones and android devices, there are still quite a lot of people who seen with those wired earpieces attached to their ears. I can't help but compare the two generations of one of the must-have cellphone accessories. Especially because I got to experience using the both of them.

Advantage & convenience of headsets in cellphones

"Incoming call...," the female modulated voice clearly says momentarily after the music has stopped playing on my wireless headset. Then I hear the caller's voice, "Hello!" and we begin talking.

As soon as the call ended, the music resumes automatically. It is similar to a department store where in music is played. Every time an announcement is made they cut the music and resume the same song again afterwards. Only in my tablet smartphone, I don't need to manually turn off the music to answer the call. Neither do I turn it on again after each call has ended. Both are done by the smartphone and its connected headset. That's one advantage of having a headset on your phone.

Although my headset is wireless, this function is also available on wired headsets and earpieces. Just make sure to activate automatic answer feature of your device. If you are having problem with that, follow the steps at the end of this article.

Bluetooth headset vs wired headset

neckband wireless headset
Normal experience with a wired headset - We all know that tidiness is a way to go whenever we dress up our self. Aside from wearing proper attire, we don't want some tangled wires to be seen outside. To avoid that, you would first wear your headset before the clothes so that the headset cable goes underneath your clothing.

You will then make some adjustments on the overhangs both on your neck and waist. This is to make sure that you are still comfortable in your head movements while wearing the headset. Same thing goes to the other end connected to the cellphone. You wouldn't want the

hem of your shirt lifted up when you take your phone from your pocket, would you? So, you would make some pulling there a little bit. Once dressed up, you would plug the headset cord to your smartphone and finally you are ready to go. I can still imagine how the whole process irritated me back then. There were times when I feel discomfort in every head-turns. So, I would have had to put the headset cable on my back and wrap around my body the rest of it to connect it to the phone.

Bluetooth headset convenience - With the advent of wireless headset, smartphone experience has revolutionized. Here is a usual routine of mine nowadays. I have an appointment at 3 pm and still sit in front of my computer at 2:25 pm.

The meeting is at a cafe in a mall approximately 1.65 mile drive and another train ride away. Today I just put on my clothes at no time. grab my wireless headset and phone and drive to the parking lot adjacent to the train station. Before I know it, I will have arrive at the meeting place with few minutes to spare. Compare it to the scenario had I still using a wired headset.

That is only one of many plus factors of having a wireless headset for your smartphone or tablet. Now this one always happen to me at home when my hands are full. The headset is hanged in a reachable part of my wall while I am going back and forth doing chores on the side of blogging works. The smartphone tablet rings. Calmly, I would just pick the headset and put it onto my head as if nothing important. Without getting bewildered and confused, I continue doing things and wait for the caller voice.

Right after the headset answers the call (automatically), I am conversing with my caller smoothly while my attention is fully focused to all things I am doing: in the computer, kitchen, mails, etc. You can see me all over the place inside my abode. After my caller hanged up, I would just return the headset to its hook. It's so amazingly helpful to have a wireless headset when you are too busy.

Here's another one. Please allow me to ask you this: Who wouldn't want to be entertained while waiting in a long line inside a financial institution? It always happened to me before, gotten impatient while waiting for my turn. Having a wireless neckband headset around your neck will not only make you look cool but stress-free while in a similar situation. Today, whenever I am in a bank, either in a queue to the teller's window or waiting for

a clerk to release a money transfer, I never get bored or impatient anymore.

Every time I have filled up the form, I just raise the headset from my neck onto my ears and listen to the music. Turning the sound on and off is done in the headset by just a push of a button. That way, I can easily switch my attention to the bank employee if they begin talking to me. Outside the bank and inside my car, I either lower the headset into my neck again or toss it to the passenger seat before I drive. You see what I am trying to say is you don't need to wear a wireless headset all the time. But when a long wait is anticipated, an offline i-Tune's music quickly listened to is a big help, don't you think?

Tips on buying bluetooth headset

Wireless headset today has superior quality in sound. Don't buy it when people say that wired headsets are more high-caliber when it comes to sound quality compare to bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth headsets and wired ones are on par, if you get a good brand.

When you buy, you must choose a top-notch brand compatible to your smartphone.

Also, it is not necessarily bad to use a different brand of wireless headset other than the brand of your smartphone or android device.

Before you pay, make sure you test the unit. Wear the bluetooth headset you want to buy, turn on the bluetooth in smartphone setting, pair them, and listen to the music of your smartphone on the wireless headset. That way you will be confident that you get the real purpose of buying the headset - quality in sound.

If you pay attention to the three points mentioned above, you will not be disappointed in owning a bluetooth headset. Surely, you will find it one of the things worth the buy.

How to turn Automatic Answer on your smartphone?

Automatic answer will work only if a headset is connected to a smartphone, either by bluetooth or cord. First, go to the call setting of your phone and then click 'Accessory.'

Depending on the model of your device, you can use this guide as reference.

My tablet is Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and below is how I configure my Automatic Answer:

In home screen, tap the phone icon. Next, tap the setting icon symbolized by a three line menu navicon located at the top-right of the screen. Choose Call settings, then select Accessory settings for calls. Check the box next to Automatic answering. Then tap Automatic answering timer. Lastly, choose from 2, 5 or 10 seconds. That's it. You are all set.
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