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August 11, 2013

Buying a luxury car - Mercedes Benz. Is buying a car such MB stops at the dealership? Think again. Buying such car puts a burden of service to the Dealership. You must consider a dealership that will not leave you in the dark in times of trouble.

My Experience with Mercedes Benz

My story begins with my first purchase of a C Class MB in July of 1994. It was such a pleasant experience wherein the owner of the dealership personally congratulates you on your purchase upon the car delivery. The dealer-client relationship starts from then. Whenever there was a problem, they come and assist you with the 24/7 Emergency Roadside assistance- be it a flat tire or just stuck in the snow. Since then I have traded in my Benz for a newer model.

In September of 1997 I bought a another Benz, retaining my C Class. I got the newly released ML 350. actually from the prototype SUV from Jurasik Park 1993. It was a well conceived SUV at that time and comes with all the amenities you can think of - heated seats , Auto lights, auto wipers, MOON roof as compared to sun roof of nowadays. It was a fun recreational vehicle which we used for out of state trips, camping, etc.

In 2003 I decided to trade in my C Class for an E Class which was an upgrade from the C Class. It was more luxurious than the previous class and much roomier especially for a growing family. The E Class served as our dinning out car and home to office car.

In 2006, we got another ML 350 for the aging kids in the family who starts driving. It was a very intelligent decision because my daughter who just started driving the ML 350 had big accident sustaining a $25K damage. Luckily she was not harmed nor injured due to the car's safety side reinforcement and dual airbags on the driver's side doors as well as by the front steering wheel.

My last 2012 ML350 happens to be severely damage by the Super storm Sandy on October 2012. The said car floated while parked in the parking lot of the Hospital by the ocean in Far Rockaway, NY. A quick call to the dealership solved every problem. The Dealership arranged for the flatbed towing and replacement of the Benz for a new 2013 ML350 within the week. All we have to do is sign the papers upon delivery. Hence the story goes... if it was a Japanese or an American made car, would I have the same kind of service? Would the dealership helped me during the most crucial time in my life? That remains to be seen. Based on my friends account of what have had happened to their cars during that Super Sandy. They were left practically in the dark.

In retrospect, I'm glad that I chose the right car and the right dealership.

About Amado:

Amado is a MD and RPT. He is a former Director of a Rehabilitation Department in Long Island, NY. Currently he is semi retired secondary to post kidney transplantation.
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