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September 14, 2013

Buying online has revolutionized the way we do shopping. The convenience of doing the purchase at the comfort of your home is the main reason shopaholics have turned to this new form of shopping. Second attraction of online shopping is the price-cut. Who would not be tempted to the lure of online shopping promos coupled with well-taken photos of different items from lady's bags to men's shoes or from different gadgets such as tablets and smartphones to electronic accessories?

Speaking of well-taken photos, interestingly they may fall as the third reason why we buy online. Good pictures do attract attention from a prospective buyer using a computer much like the way a compulsive shopper buys on a whim inside a physical store.

The bottom line is: Do we get our money's worth in the purchase we make online? This article I am sharing to you today is based on my personal experience. I am an online shopper and will always be. This is not meant to discredit any company or entity. I just narrate a first hand experience.

I have been using Amazon for the past two years and it has given me good service.

Until recently. Now the question that remains inside my head is "Why still patronize a company when it leaves a sour taste in the mouth as well as hole in my pocket?"

The main reason you might want to use Amazon is because it saves you gas and time because all you have to do is open your computer or nowadays your smartphone... and presto there you go shopping at the convenience of wherever you are, be it at a restaurant, your very own bedroom, porch, garden or wherever you may be. Today I ponder maybe that is the only positive point about shopping at Amazon. Remember I said I have been a loyal customer for two years now. Why a sudden change of heart?

When shopping at Amazon you have to consider whether the product is sold by Amazon or a company endorsed by Amazon. This could be a big turn off because product sold by other company is shipped by that company and when a problem arises, there you go. You are left in the dark. That's what I felt after a not so good experience.

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You must be aware by now that the prime purpose of Amazon is to make money as what entrepreneurship is all about. A big difference compare to the way they cater to you in the department stores.

As what my last purchase from Amazon has taught me, returns of product from their partner companies could spell a big disaster. Come to think of it, to buy their product, I had to shell out shipping and handling which is exorbitant, usually more than the price of the product itself. Now to hurt me further, when I tried to return the product in question even to exchange for a different size I have to pay for the shipping again. And to ship the said product back to me, another shipping charge is incurred to me. For me that's too much to bear. I think it is time for me to refrain from shopping online unless the online shopping company will mediate in case of such disagreement with their partner company. In this case the partner company of Amazon, with a name of NBL, National Brand Liquidators was so obnoxious in answering my pleas for a postpaid shipping label back to their company. My pleas fell on deaf ears.

Sadly, Amazon never mediated to this case. Hence the product went straight to my garbage as my contribution to the ever growing landfill.


Buying online is to your advantage if you knew the online store will mediate in any dispute that may arise between you as a customer and the online store's partner company from which the product is actually bought.

About Amado:

Amado is a MD and RPT. He is a former Director of a Rehabilitation Department in Long Island, NY. Currently he is semi retired secondary to post kidney transplantation.
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