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October 17, 2013

It’s not fair. This should not be hard or complicated. It should be enough just to have a good product, and people would recognize the quality and go for it. In a perfect world – that is the true. However, in a world that is full of products that are similar or simply of lower quality with a better price and in a world where marketing is running or ruining business, it is time to stop living in a fairy tale and start making some steps to promote the new product and make it a hit.

Make a Plan

Marketing - How to promote new product
Don’t just go around telling people that you have a new product. Have you seen the Internet, news, TV or anything? It is all full of people talking about their new product to everyone. You have to have a plan and this is how you need to start with it.

Target your Clients

This is the most essential part of your plan. When you know whom you want to promote your product to, the question of how to do it will become far easier. It will, actually, answer itself. Furthermore, you need to think about your product and let that thinking lead you to the profile of your client. For example, if you are selling kids clothes, your buyers are not the kids. The decision about the purchase usually come from their moms. And if the kids are young and little, the chances are that the moms are young as well. Therefore, the profile of your customer is a young mother with a little child.

Choose the Means of Getting the Message Through

Now that you have targeted the customers, you need to make sure that they learn about their product. Everybody has their favorite media, so now you need to figure out what type of media is favorite for young mothers. Depending on the child’s age, don’t expect mothers to be sitting around reading magazines. They rarely have the time. Instead, try a more direct approach at malls, try giving them leaflets, advertising in stores and places where they gather. In this case, your product needs to appear trendy and affordable as kids grow out of their clothes instantly.

Pay Attention to the Returning Buyers

Happy customer is always the best advertisement that you can think of. There is nothing quite like the word of the mouth recommendation and therefore, you need to build and cherish your relationship with your returning customers. You can do this best by offering them some discounts, coupons, vouchers and other things. Think of a nice and tasteful way to reward them for their consistency and loyalty. This will return to you tenfold in term of customers and profit. Not to mention that you will simply have the pleasure of being kind.

These are the general pointers and an example about how to use them on a specific product. However, each of these steps has its own difficulties and issues. Targeting the audience can be wrongly done. The required media can be badly determined. However, with time comes experience and with every error comes a lesson, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t nail it the first time you make a campaign. Even the biggest brands make mistakes of that kind.

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Diana Smith is a blogger and a regular contributor to several health blogs. Information for this article has been kindly provided by Cubic Promote. In her free time, Diana loves to read about branding and marketing.
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