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November 20, 2013

Back pains, pains in the neck, or even elbows and wrists can be caused by a bad chair in your office. Therefore, since you spend hours and hours in that chair, it is essential that you have the best and the most suitable chair for your needs. A good ergonomic chair can prevent many health problems, especially the ones involving your back, spine and shoulders. Here are the dimensions and facts about ergonomic chairs that you should be aware when choosing one:

The Height

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It is very important that the ergonomic chair is adjustable. The height from the floor to your seat should be such that you are able to keep your feet flat on the ground and have enough support for your thighs. With a little lever, you should be able to adjust the height of your chair and to make it just the way you need it.

Dimensions of the Seat

Your seat needs to be of proper dimensions which means that you should have support on the entire seating surface. If your seat is too small, the edges can cut off your circulation, which leads to discomfort, lowered efficiency and even cold feet. Also, the seat needs to be deep enough so that you can sit comfortably in a way so that your back is supported by the backrest and that there is about inch and a half between your knees and the chair seat.


This is a very important part of the chair. It should be big enough, comfortable and adjustable. You should be able to adjust it, tilt it and move it. The curve of your spine should be followed by the curve of the backrest. The lower back is especially important for your proper seating, so make sure that it gets all the needed support by this ergonomic chair.

Headrest and Armrests

Given that you type a lot, armrests are very important. You need support for your elbows. If your elbows don’t have the necessary support, you will burden your shoulders more and that will cause you pain. Armrests need to be at the appropriate height, which means that they fit well and that you don’t have to make the shrugging movement with your shoulders. Your arms should be placed naturally in them. Headrest is important especially for those people who have neck pains and problems. It is essential for it to fit perfectly and to provide good support. Headrest should be adjustable and you should be able to tilt it back and forth.


If you have the option to choose, always choose the materials that breathe. Leather and Eco leather seem nice and luxurious, but you need to know that these materials, as well as different kinds of PVC will make you sweat in your chair without even noticing it. This will happen as they cannot allow your skin to breathe. Once you start sweating and you remain in your seat, the sweat will dry off and your back will be cold. That can cause muscle pains and back pains.

All these things should be taken into consideration when purchasing the chair. Although, price tag is always important, it should not be the most important thing for you when you choose your chair. Investment in ergonomic chair is investment in your health, so don’t save on that.

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