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November 13, 2013

Everybody who knows and understands the effects of indoor lighting to health, also understands that the lights in the kids’ rooms have to be carefully chosen. However, besides the obvious health reasons, you should always have in mind that choosing anything for kids room needs to rely on two main factors: it has to be fun and it has to be done together with kids. It is a common sense decision to have in mind safety, wellbeing and esthetics when choosing these lights. The rest of your choice just might be shaped with following these fun and useful tips.

Choose a good ambient light

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It is very obvious that your kid will grow fast and that their taste will change rapidly. They will not like their Spiderman shaped lamp for much too long. Therefore, as those peripheral lights will change often, make sure that there is at least one, central, ambient light that is there to stay.

Make DIY lamps with your kids

This is a cheap, fun and useful way to spend some more time with your children and to boost their creativity. They will definitely love you for doing this with them and it will be great for their crafting skills, creativity and an amazing opportunity to spend some quality time with them.

Choose lamps that are attached to walls

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This is especially important if you have kids that are still very small. As they roam, wander and run all over their room, it is very likely that they will hit that big lamp in the corner or trip on its cord. Therefore, to avoid those kinds of accidents, simply opt for those wall fixtures that don’t get in the way of your young ones who enjoy running and exploring all corners of their room.

Night Lights

Young kids will definitely appreciate the fact that they have a little night light in their room. This is a little lamp that gets plugged in the electricity socket and it discretely glows in the dark, just so it is not completely dark and scary in a room during the night. This light, therefore, can be a very powerful weapon against all sorts of monsters and boogeymen that lurk from the corners of the dark rooms. Also, it is discreet enough not to interfere with your kid’s sleep and allow them to have proper rest. They can be found in many shapes and even colors. You can also paint on them or decorate them anyway you like. What about a Batman sticker, so it casts the well-known symbol?

Adjustable lamps

It is amazing how fast the kids grow. Therefore, their lamps on their working desks should be very adjustable. Choose the lamps that can be adjusted in terms of height and position. Since it is very important that the source of light is accurately positioned while reading and writing, when your kids start to grow, the source will need to be repositioned also. Therefore, don’t save money on desk lights, but buy a high quality lamp that is also adjustable.

These are some basic tips when it comes to indoor lighting in kids’ rooms. However, the end result is all up to you and your kid and your choices and preferences.

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Diana Smith is a blogger and a regular contributor to several home improvement blogs. She is interested in new ways to decorate home on a small budget, how to find the right indoor light and gardening. In her free time she loves to write or simply enjoy a good book.
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