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December 14, 2013

Vacuum cleaner is one of the best inventions of the 19th century which have become indispensable to our households to this day. Initial released vacuum cleaners were used as carpet sweepers. Interestingly, there were already tools called carpet sweepers even before the vacuum cleaner was invented. The wide scope of tasks vacuum cleaners can accomplish made carpet sweepers to become less popular.

Today, there are so many kinds of vacuum cleaners. But for me nothing beats the handheld type of vacuum cleaner which can do almost everything. In case, you are thinking of buying a tool that can clean up not only your floor but almost all surfaces inside your house as well as your garage and car, you might like to take a look at this wonder tool.

What are the surfaces a handheld vacuum can clean up?

Other than floor? Well, you might surprise to learn that a small device can dust the otherwise hard to reach areas of your home. These are: walls, ceilings, wall curtains, shelves, those small clearances between your furnishings and of course the outside body as well as the inside parts of some of your appliances. Furthermore, since most portable vacuum cleaners are dual-function as it can also use as blower, you can blast air to blow off litters inside your garage. Vacuum your car and dry moving parts - and that includes drying auto parts before change-oil is done.

Oh! Did I forget to mention that there's a portable vacuum cleaner that can do pet grooming as well. I will talk about it later.

How to clean walls and ceilings using a handheld vacuum cleaner?

First, you will need the vacuum wands that are included in the box upon purchase. Put the two wands together by pushing one onto the other and twist to lock them together. Connect the hose to the handheld canister vacuum and then connect the extended wand to the hose. Now connect the attachment used for cleaning walls and ceilings which is the widest among the brushes. Put the strap on your shoulder so that you don't need to hold the body for a more convenient vacuuming job. Now you are all set for a comfortable cleaning of your ceiling and walls. Just hold the wand which served as the handle and begin the dusting and cleaning. You can also clean the dusts off the upper portions of your wall curtains using the same attachment.

Cleaning appliances and hard-to-reach spots in your home?

The head to be used is called appliance brush. What I like most about this particular attachment is how it helps me in cleaning my air-conditioning unit. After taking off the cover and washing it with water, there's the condenser filter full of dusts. With just a few strokes, all dirt that cling to the filter are gone. Laptop, electric fan and other appliances are easily cleaned using this vacuum attachment. Fold the brush to expose the smooth edge side and you can reach hard-to-reach areas.

How to use handheld vacuum cleaner for inflating?

Having a kiddie party? Or just want to have a good time with kids at home? With a connecting tube, optional use of an adaptor (included) and three nozzles of different sizes - small, medium and large - inflating balloons, airbed and even a kiddie pool is done in so short a time. Surely, with this heavy-duty inflator, you don't need to exhaust yourself in doing the job. So that you get to enjoy the fun of wading in your inflatable pool with the whole family.

How to use handheld vacuum cleaner for pet grooming?

You can also use this for cleaning your stuffed toys. Just change the head and use the pet brush attachment instead. Place the head onto the pet hair and begin the grooming lengthways. It's so easy and kind of interesting task. More so that you gonna enjoy pampering your pet. Now you have a big reason for not treating your cuddly little dear to a pet parlor. What's more? Save the money for other things worth the buy.

How to use portable vacuum cleaner as dryer?

Easily remove the dusk cap and filter from the inside. Attach the blower cap and you are ready to go. Tip: You can use the unit for drying without a nozzle especially if you want to dry a surface quickly and if that surface or any object you want to dry is in open space. Use the right size of attachment if you're going to dry an area or object inside a tight space.

More on attachments to use and objects to clean:

The number of attachments - that also include a small brush which is ideal for keyboard cleaning, upholstery brush for sofas and car seats, and the floor swivel used as floor sweeper and carpet cleaner - are 16 altogether. Once appliance brush is folded, you can use it for edges and corners. Blower function has four nozzles including an extendable one. Beds, stairs, windows, cabinets are included in things for which a portable vacuum cleaner is used. Even the dried leaves can be easily blown off your garden by a good brand of turbo powered vacuum cleaner.

Easy to Use

With a bunch of nozzles and attachments, this tool is an ultimate cleaning machine. The handy carry strap makes the tasks of vacuuming dust, inflating airbed, and blowing trash all cushy jobs for everyone at home. Exchanging an attachment and connecting a part are easily done in seconds. Just remove a used one when finished and insert a different one for another vacuuming or inflating job.


The compactibility and lightweightness of a portable vacuum cleaner with level of performance of this magnitude are so amazing. As a mini vacuum cleaner, this gadget is a paradox - its small size is only enough to be of a mere handy vacuum cleaner, yet the things it does are of a powerful heavy-duty machine. All things considered, this home tool is pretty awesome.
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