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January 09, 2014

When you think about tiles, you usually have in mind a rectangle, flat ceramic object that people use in bathrooms and kitchens as flooring. However, there is so much more to tiles than that. Shapes, sizes and materials used to make tiles have changed so much, and today you have a plethora of choice when it comes to tiles. You can find the basic ceramic tiles, but also, glass, stone and even plastic tiles. It is easy to lose your track with all that choice, so making the decision about finding the right tile needs some thinking and planning. Price, design, glaze, material and function of your tiles are really important when you choose the right tiles, so get a general idea about these things before purchasing your tiles.


how to buy tiles for your home
Glass tiles will make questionable flooring as they are very slippery when they get wet, they can easily get broken and they can be dangerous. However, they can make amazing ornaments, wall details or even table surfaces. On the other hand, while tiles made of plastic can look cool on tables, they cannot possibly be used on the counter, as they would melt in touch with high temperatures. All these are examples about important it is to know the function of your tiles, before choosing the material.


The price range of tiles is pretty big. In times, the design carries the biggest part of that price. Therefore, make sure that you are certain about the composition, function and the type of the tiles you need. After that, you can see the price range that you have with the tiles of that type and see the best designs in that price range. In that way, you will find the tiles that suit your needs the best.


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This is definitely the characteristic of the modern tiles that will make you lose hours in choosing the perfect one. Each of the tile type can be found in many designs that range from plain, white tiles to the amazing works of art by different designers. So, the design of your tile should suit its function. Smaller tiles can look really good, but they are much harder to install and they always have a lot of visible grout that is not that convenient. Bigger tiles can visually shrink the space, so that is something to keep in mind when using them in smaller rooms.


The most basic classification among the tiles is between the glazed and the unglazed tiles. Mostly, all the tiles are made from clay and other additions which are heated up in great temperatures. The main difference is that the unglazed tiles are less slippery, but more porous while the glazed tiles are easy to clean, they are waterproof and they are the most common type of tiles. On the other hand, unglazed tiles are frequently used by the interior designers because of their rustic look and natural texture that has a certain charm.

Although changing tiles can do wonders for your space, or your furniture, they are not that easy to change. Installing them and removing the old ones takes a lot of time and it can be a really tedious work. That is just one more reason to be patient and careful when you are choosing them in the first place.

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