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January 28, 2014

Getting a lay off from the company is surely not the most motivating events of your life. At times you keep up with the abuse at work pace just because you know that there is not current option to which you could make a switch. Or may be you are doing that job just because it puts food on the table every day when you really wish to start something of your own. So, how about starting another line work through your own smartphone where there would be no compulsion to quit your job or to hire a separate space to open up an office? You mean that is not possible? Well, take a closer look below:


While starting a writing career may not sound like the easiest task on the planet, the truth is that you can start where you are by the means of a smart phone. As we all know, gone are the days when manuscripts were submitted written and submitted physically or typed on that time taking typewriter. Today everything can be done on internet so exploit your smartphone by starting your own blog on the internet and write about the topics you are passionate about. Share it on social media and watch out for the response. And no, you do not need to quit your job, retreat from the rest of the world and shut yourself up to become a writer. The iPhone apps like Wordpress and Tumblr support the operation of a blog really well. So, here is your chance, all you need is a smartphone!


Start a business from your smartphone
This sounds exciting! If you have always dreamed of becoming a tour guide but have no means or information how to be one, then having a smartphone is a blessing for you. Build a website for the travel services you wish to provide and give your details and other information. Put it out as creatively as possible. Let the website speak volumes of adventure! Genbook is a wonderful app to maintain the schedule of your appointments and Google maps would give you the useful multi-waypoint map, all you have to do is download. When you start getting response on these beginnings, slowly prepare a travel book for guiding people ; be smart get an e-book version as well as the print version and keep it for sale.


how to start a business using a smartphone
There are many tasks required by people at senior positions in offices which could be managed virtually. So if you are spread too thin just by making ends meet every month with your meager salary, grab this opportunity to make some additional bucks. Jobs like data entry, document handling, running errands, fetching laundry, booking tickets and other common day to day activities are time taking which busy officials could seldom manage doing. So decide your fee structure, which would most probably be on hourly rate and pitch your services with confidence.


Make your knowledge about the current property trends and rates, the apartments and houses and their respective prices on your fingertips and start giving advertisements on internet to draw in the candidates looking for a house. If you could get house deals cracked for sale purposes, well and good. Else you could also assist people in getting places on rent. Run this virtual operation throughout the week and when you actually start getting calls, utilize your weekends to have meetings or doing property visits with your customers.


If you have always been fitness conscious and have known the basics of correct and nutritious eating then your side profession could well be that of a health expert. Build a website or a blog, with some motivational quotes thrown in and impressive images of workouts, healthy food and people having healthy bodies on your website. Write regularly about your opinion and suggestions on the diet and health trends taking place. Create a forum and answer people's health queries there, and in no time would you have your phone ringing for personal one to one sessions!


make extra bucks from your smartphone
Probably one of the most fulfilling jobs today, being a life coach makes you undergo some of the most transformational phases in life. You not only help other and motivate them to live their lives, but you also help yourself in the journey. Apart from building a website with lots of inspirational quotes and sayings and flashy, positive images and visuals, you could write articles related to child issues, family related troubles, relationship issues and tips to stay more peaceful and happy in life. When you start getting visibility, you could utilize your weekends to lecture at seminars or may be colleges.

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