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January 12, 2014

There is no doubt to the fact that exercising is good for health but it is essential for you to check your health parameters regularly so as to ascertain the viability of your exercise. You need a device that checks your vital parameters so that changes to the exercise routine can be made as required. While there may be other devices that claim to provide the best stats, the Smart Wristband Bracelet from Idonn is clearly the best product in this niche.

The smart wristband, as the name suggests is a device that not only provides stats on vital health parameters but also has some great features, which are described as follows:

The wristband bracelet has integrated Bluetooth support that enables it to be connected to various devices. With the Bluetooth support, it can be easily synced with devices like PCs, Macs, iPad 3, iPhones 4S and 5 and Android devices. Therefore, you need not check your phone regularly as the wristband lets you know when there is an incoming message. Also your health parameters can be relayed to an online health center that can advice you on your exercise routine.

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Idonn X5 IP67 Bluetooth V4.0 Smart Wristband Bracelet with Sports & Sleep Tracking (Black)
The wristband bracelet is comfortable to wear. It fits like a wristband and is easy to use. Supporting an OLED screen, the device provides easy-to-read statistics. The device is light in weight and is akin to wearing a wristwatch or a bracelet.

The Idonn X5 IP67 is a health monitoring device as it displays parameters like steps taken, calories burned, distance and time. You can alter your exercise routine as required. Therefore, ideal in improving your health, the smart wristband from Idonn is clearly the best.

In addition to being a health monitoring device, the Idonn X5 IP67 is a sleep tracking device. It monitors your sleep patterns all while displaying the sleep time and waking time. These statistics help you analyze your sleep behaviour and improve it if required. The wristband has a built-in vibrate mode that vibrates to wake you without disturbing your partner.

We all agree that amongst the irritating things about many devices, one is that they have a short battery life. But Idonn X5 IP67 excels in this category as well as it provides great battery life. Using 40mA-li polymer battery, the device has a standby time of four days. The smart wristband can be easily charged via USB port.

In addition to the great features that the Idonn X5 IP67 smart wristband provides, what makes the device a truly attractive one to own is the incredible price that it is available at. Compared to other devices of the same niche, the smart wristband from Idonn is clearly the winner.

We at buzzshop believe that the IP67 is a great device to own as it is a health monitoring and sleep tracking device rolled into one. Available at an incredibly low price, the wristband is comfortable to wear and easy to use. The device can be worn day and night even while it is raining and even while you are swimming or washing your hands, thereby providing important information whenever required. We love it for all the things above, but also because it seamlessly connects with many devices making it stand out from the many out there.

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