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February 21, 2014

Getting insurance for one's car is a serious task. It needs careful planning and in-depth research to ensure that you won't have any problem once untoward incident happens to your vehicle. You must trust the insurance company to be at your side whenever the need arises. My experience with my car insurance company is built on trust. That is the reason why I am still with the same car insurance agency that I had had entrusted all car insurance needs of my family for the past 26 years now. To this day I haven't switched to another insurance company. I have no plans of doing so.

The Right Car Insurance

So, why do I stick to my car insurance company? The answer lies in how my insurance agent took care of the business of selling insurance and remain the same for years. You will be surprised to know that I got 50% off the yearly premium that I would have been paying today had I chosen the first insurance company I initially talked to. The first was a big multinational insurance company known all over the world while the one I chose is a bit smaller agency operated by an unassuming nice fellow that became a friend over the years. You've got to read my story. Because based on my experience, it's not the size of insurance company that you must look for in buying car insurance. It is in the insurance agent.

Finding the Right Insurance Agent

Choosing an insurance agent requires research and gut. This requires a bond that would transcend from generation to generation. Loyalty perhaps or good service. Every insurance has different agents. It is your task to give all your trust to that agent you have chosen. If there's no trust, there would be no bond between you and the insurance company. There are far more insurance companies out there and more agents to choose from a particular insurance.

Delivering The Promise

How To Find The Right Car Insurance - Discover the secrets of insurance companies
In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, my insurance agent in partnership with my Mercedes Benz dealership (Rockville Center Mercedes Benz Dealer) took care of everything until they replaced my Mercedes Benz ML350 with a brand new one after 2 weeks of getting damaged. That was a real blessing and proof of a long trusted business relationship. It's an insurance you can depend and trust. Sadly when my friend, my beloved insurance agent Bob Franke of StateFarm Insurance bearing his name passed away, I was out of the country. I surely miss this guy, a guy who gave his trust on me when he gave me an insurance rate the same as any good driver in New York, which I proved him he was right. For I was accident free for 15 years until a car hit my ML 350 Benz from the rear. With one call, my insurance did all the paper work and gave me all the help I needed. Now with my kids growing up and soon to be out of my insurance policy, they know who to go to for car insurance needs, as well as homeowners policy.

How It All Began?

In 1986 I migrated to New York. I walked to and from work to save every dollar I could save. Prudence paid off Nissan Sentra in 1988. I paid the car in cash. Being a first time driver in New York, I didn't know that I needed a car insurance before I could drive home my brand new car. I asked help from my roommate and he gave me a number to call. It was a telephone number to an insurance named ALLSTATE. Not only it was far from my apartment. I had to travel to Queens, New York, where I met the insurance agent, with name of Neil.

The insurance agent told me that because I was a first time driver in USA that time, my insurance would be very high. After giving the papers from the car dealership, he quoted me a price of $4300 for a year. It was prohibitive at that time July 1988. I opted to pay bi annually and had to pay in cash. I went home with the most expensive insurance card ever. I picked up my car the following day. I moved to an apartment in Freeport Long Island New York, and still baffled by the prohibitive cost of car insurance.

I went around my town and happened to pass by an insurance office with the name State Farm Insurance. I went inside and since it was almost closing time, all the employees were out already except for the owner of the insurance agency. His name was Bob Franke. I asked him about what would a typical insurance cost for a 1988 Nissan Sentra and he quoted a price of approximately $1,500. I explained to him my dilemma and told him how much insurance I was paying. He said that that was unfair and just because I came from another country, I was charged prohibitive cost of car insurance.

He offered the insurance rate quoted and asked me to call the agent from the other insurance for a refund. Hence I was able to get an insurance affordable for me. Not only affordable but it gave me a new friend ...a friend that would span a long time even after his demise.


To this day, State Farm Insurance agency still handles all my insurance needs, from Homeowners insurance and to the 3 Mercedes Benz I have now.

About Amado:

Amado is a MD and RPT. He is a former Director of a Rehabilitation Department in Ling Island, NY. Currently he is semi retired secondary to post kidney transplantation.
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