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June 19, 2014

Buying a present for somebody is generally hard and it’s even harder when you are buying it for a geeky guy. Yes, there’s plenty of stuff out there for geeks but what if you are somebody who isn’t that much into the whole geeky universe, how do you know what to buy? Well, good news is you don’t have to – we’ve made a list of things you can look into and choose from.


Of course, you are used to having your phone wake you up each morning. But there are times when your body just doesn’t react to the well known sound of your phone and before you know it, you are late for a business meeting. That’s why iBell is the best possible choice. It will give you that classic metal ringing that traditional clocks used to have and you’ll wake up in a sec! You’ll hate it but you’ll be grateful for it. It comes in a variety of 5 colors. Note that you need to download an app to get the alarm to work.


So, you leave your home and there’s that little voice inside your head tripping you out that you forgot to turn the stove off, close the window or lock the door! Do you go back to check? With Lockitron and a smartphone you don’t have to! Locking and unlocking doors has never been easier – now it’s done with help of an app.

Your friends and family can have access to this app. There’s even settings part where you are informed when any of them (un)locks the door. The door automatically unlocks with your phone close to the door. This is perfect for when you’ve got your arms occupied with groceries, furniture or a hot date!

USB LED Beverage Cooler

How does having a cold beer (or any other beverage) at your hand’s reach (you don’t even need to get up) at any time? Amazing, right! This USB-powered mini-fridge is the answer of all your problems. You will definitely enjoy your long hours infront of the computer.

Gunnar Technology Eyewear

We could go on and say how geek loveeee spending time in nature and all but we all know that would be a lie. Any geek’s favorite place is in front of his computer. This usually causes headaches, eye strain and eye fatigue because of long staring at the screen. This is why Gunnar glasses are the perfect gift! These aren’t any regular type glasses – Gunnars help reduce the amount of stress the eyes take. It comes with many frame designs that are designed to fit any face shape and different lenses.

USB stick

Even though many feel USB sticks have overcome their stay in the preserving data world, others would disagree. USB is a rather useful and handy thing to have with you at any time in case you’ve got some urgent data transferring to do. USB stick of+ GB would make a great gift.


If you are choosing a gift for a gamer, stop right there – you’ve found it! BoomChair will add that extra kick of excitement to everyday gaming. The chair has built in speakers that will send vibrations throughout your whole body. Great, huh? Plus, it’s made out of great material so sitting in it during long gaming sessions will be more than cool.

A great trait of BoomChair is that it can connect virtually to any system or device with a headphone jack or bluetooth.


U-Board is great in helping you get rid of the clutter on the workstation and it’s pretty much designed for geeks that spend their entire day on their computers. This is a glass monitor stand that can withstand 15 kg. The U-Board comes with a drink holder and a smarphone. Both are removable.

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