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July 19, 2014

Unlike many other purchases made in this day and age, a set of tools will be expected to last for a long time. Carefully chosen tools can provide decades of faithful service provided they are used correctly and maintained to a reasonable standard. Unlike other buying decisions, tools should be chosen on the basis of appropriateness and quality rather than simply seeking out the lowest price available.

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Many people are unfamiliar with the process of selecting quality tools that are suitable for their needs. This can result in low quality tools being purchased which actually end up costing the buyer more in the long run. This is due to the fact that the tools will need replacing earlier and may cause damage to materials along the way. This simple guide provides a few pointers on how to buy the right tool for the job.

The Right Hammer For The Job

One of the key aspects of choosing a suitable hammer is to find one with a durable fiberglass shaft. Many traditional hammers are made with either wooden or steel shafts and a lot of people assume that a traditional material such as this will provide the best performance. In actual fact fiberglass is the superior choice for two reasons. Firstly, it offers better levels of shock absorption than the other materials and therefore superior performance. Secondly, it is longer lasting as it is almost impossible to chip or break. This makes it better value for money as well as better quality overall. It is also important to consider the type of tool that is being purchased. Nail hammers are the most common and versatile choice but finishing hammers and ball peen hammers can be useful for specialized tasks.

Choosing A Screwdriver

The most important feature of a quality screwdriver is ensuring it features alloy-steel shanks. Anything other than this is a waste of time and money and is unlikely to provide quality performance. It is also vital to select a screwdriver with a grip that feels comfortable and sturdy in the hand. This is a matter of personal taste and can only be determined by experimenting with a range of different screwdrivers. Aside from the material and grip the tip is a key decision with regard to screwdriver choice. Flat heads and Phillips cross heads are the most common types. Purchasing a screwdriver with the ability to change tips can ensure that it is always suited to the job at hand. This is also cheaper than buying an entire range of different screwdrivers. 

Wrenches, Ratchets and Levels

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Wrenches can either be purchased as a set or as an adjustable wrench that is capable of different tasks. Buying a single high quality adjustable wrench is often a smarter decision than buying a full set of lower quality, non-adjustable wrenches. Some people prefer the performance of ratchets to wrenches due to advantages in speed and ease of motion. It is worth making a choice between the two rather than needlessly spending on both types of tool. With regards to levels, it is worth investing only once in a high quality, modern level that makes use of sensors and lasers. Although the initial outlay will be slightly higher it will be far more durable in the long run and provide a far higher standard of performance. This can save time and money on jobs that need redoing as a result of an inferior quality level.

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