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July 26, 2014

It is necessary that you have your home office if you are working from home. This is very important because working from home can sometimes decrease your productivity if you don’t separate your private from your professional life. The best way to make yourself realize that working hours are working hours and not just regular time at home is to have a home office. The good part is, you can keep it as casual as you like as you are still at home and you don’t have to keep up the appearances. Of course, if you are expecting to have clients coming over, you need to take that into consideration and make things a bit more formal.


Check very carefully how much space you have for your home office. There is a great difference if your office should take only one corner of your room or you have an entire room or two for that. Whichever the case may be, you will need very accurate and precise measurements of that space, because you need to know how much furniture you may fit in and just how big it should be. Therefore, measure, measure and measure some more before you actually purchase something that needs to fit that place.

Desk and Chair

home office furniture
When you think about the things that you will need in your office, the two things come to your mind – something to work on and something to sit on. These two elements are very important so their choice needs to be perfect. The chair needs to be chosen according to your ergonomic needs. You need to have good back support, you need to be able to flex your legs in knees at 90 degrees and to place both feet on the ground. Wheels are optional, but very useful if you have big desk with many functions. As for the desk it entirely depends on the work you are doing. Drawing will require a special kind of desk, while paperwork can be done on any sort of surface. If you don’t like what you see in the shops, you can always order a desk that is made especially for you.

Other Furniture

home office furniture
While the desk and the chair are essential, they are not the only two things that are needed in the office. Other type of office furniture is needed there as well. You definitely need some shelves or even some chairs and tables for the clients if you are planning on receiving them at your home. These depend on the space. One very great thing about shelves is that they can be multifunctional, you can put them anywhere and you can use them for anything. Lack of space and cluttering can be solved with shelves all over the walls. You can even put printers, fax machines and computer components on them if you arrange them properly.


Just make sure that you don’t use too much of them and make clutter. Other than that, you are allowed to use personalized coffee mugs, all sorts of colorful and crazy details, photos and office material. Just be sure that you have all the office material that you need. Make weekly reminders if you need.

The bottom line is – the whole point of the home office is to make it as personal and as casual as you like. However, just like in any other office, the paperwork will pile up. Therefore, besides making sure that the office is decorated perfectly, make sure that you also have storage room for archives to keep all the old files from cluttering the office.

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