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August 26, 2014

A lot of women who decided to straighten their hair and want to buy a flat iron have a hard time of choosing between ionic, ceramic, tourmaline, teflon or infrared flat irons. So what are the differences? Ceramic, tourmaline and teflon are materials that are used for coating the iron plate.

What are the advantages of irons?

flat iron for hair
Our hair is full of positive electric charges caused by friction and natural movement of the hair so after washing it tends to spread and gets difficult to shape. Positive electric charges also cause the opening of the hair cuticle which results with a feeble hair look. The negative ions neutralize the positive electric charges and thus relax, straighten and beautify the hair.

On the other hand, there is really nothing special in the infrared radiation. All heating objects (including all straightening irons) produce infrared rays.

What to choose? Ceramic, tourmaline or Teflon flat iron?

You can choose any one of these irons without a guilty conscience because all of these materials produce negative ions. However, on today’s market you can find a lot of them with a triple protection for your hair because they are coated with three more layers.

What width of the irons to choose?

This depends on the texture and the length of your hair. Wider irons are recommended for very rough, thick, curly long or medium long hair. If you have hair with the same texture but shorter in length, narrow iron should do the job.

If you have normal, long or medium length hair, choose the iron in medium width. However, if you have normal short or fine, thin hair of any length, choose the narrowest flat iron. This is also recommended for hair that has been chemically planed.

Irons with narrower plates are lighter, easier to use so it is possible to use them in many more ways than larger irons. On the other hand, although difficult and less practical, wider irons can cover larger areas so they can straighten hair more quickly and save you a lot of time.

What is the most suitable temperature for ironing?

Different textures of hair require different temperatures for ironing. Here are a few common examples:

-For ironing normal hair the right temperature should be between 180ºC and 190ºC

-For ironing rough, thick and curly hair set the iron to a temperature between 190ºC and 210ºC

-If you have bleached, fragile or fine hair, do not raise the temperature over 180ºC!

It is important to buy a hair straightener with the ability to adjust the temperature.

How to prevent hair damage?

As we have already mentioned, it is very important to iron your hair at a temperature adequate to your hair texture. Try several temperatures beginning from lower to higher in order to determine the right temperature point for your hair. Also, it is very important to use products which protect the hair from damaging temperatures. You can always consult with your hairdresser and find some professional products for that purpose.

Many women who have curly hair got used to their hair as it is, but most of them are still trying to straighten their curls and waves. How to achieve this goal?

Preparation is most important

After you dried your hair with the towel apply the foam or the gel. Do not reach for the hair immediately. Wait a few minute for the hair to dry out naturally. If you have bangs start with them first. Comb them forward and hold them firmly with your fingers while until they dry from the root to the tips. After they dry run a brush through them.

Divide the hair in 5 segments with the brush and attach hairpins to all except one. Dry that one by pulling the lock with the brush from the outer or the inner side. Hold the hairdryer on a distance of a few inches and direct it towards the floor. Repeat this process with all of the strands. Use the iron on a dry or slightly dap hair to straighten it out from the roots to the tips. To give your hair a healthy shine and make it stay smooth longer, apply a drop or two of silicone serum or cream. Do not put more because it will make your hair look greasy.

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