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September 28, 2014

If we are being completely honest, wine is confusing and choosing the right bottle is not something that anybody does easily. It seems like there are just too many things to know and so much stuff to remember. However, no matter what is the occasion, the right bottle of wine can make it even better and even more amazing. Also, bad and tasteless wine can ruin the moment and really make it go sour. Besides all this, we all know that guys that can pick a bottle of wine seem really cool.


You will not take the same bottle of wine to the pizza night with your friends and to the celebration of your anniversary. While simple and everyday occasions require solid bottles of wine, those special occasions ask for some special bottle, even a little bit pricier one. As for everyday occasions, it is best that you simply remember the wine that you liked, write down the producer and the type of wine and have it as a sure bet as something with which you cannot go wrong. For more distinguished taste, do your homework online and definitely ask an expert.


different kinds and types of bottle of wine
Heavy and strong food like red meat, heavy and spicy sauces and the like require wine that is also strong in taste. These include Merlot, Bordo and Cabernet Sauvignon to name a few. Merlot is probably best made in France, while Cabernet Sauvignon is excellent in California. California seems to have great choices for spicy food as it has excellent some of the best sweet wines that go amazingly well with spicy food: Pinot Grigio and Gewuertztraminer that is also made in Germany.

Previous Experience

wine bottle types and how to choose
It is important that you trust yourself and that you chose the wine according to your own taste. After all, it is only wine. Make sure that you write down the producer the region and the type of wine that you like. When you have the chance, research it as there are tons of amazing sites online where you can learn all about those wines. In time, you will notice that some of the features of the wine that you like repeat. This is your taste and that is what your palate likes. Then you get to explore new wines with the similar descriptions and that is how you get deeper and deeper into the world of wine. You will develop your own taste and that is very important for the choice of the wine.

Asking the Expert

It is never a bad thing to consult an expert. Experts for wines are called sommeliers. Their job is to help you with your choice, so if you are in the restaurant, make sure that you ask for advice. Also, when in the store, definitely ask for help from the person working there. You should name the occasion and perhaps a bottle of wine that you liked before so that they can offer something similar. You will definitely find something amazing if you mention the best red wine that you had until that moment.

There are many factors that make wine good. It’s origin, the grapes used and the process of making. Tastes of wine are described as citrus, fruity, tobacco, chocolate, cinnamon, spices, black fruit, red fruit, pineapple, earthy and many more. At first, these words and descriptions may sound pretentious to you and you may feel that they are over the top. But the more you enjoy the wine and the more you taste it, they all start making more and more sense and before you know it, you know exactly what you want and what kind of wine you need for different occasions.

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