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September 07, 2014

When we are talking about how to buy the best plumbing tools, we are mostly concentrating on the DIY crowd, people who need plumbing tools that will suffice for personal use in their home. Professional plumbers will have their own equipment that will cost much more and that will probably include tools a DIY-er will not require. Also, it has to be said that some people will need additional tools, in case they are quite serious about their plumbing DIY skills and needs.

What you cannot go without

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There are a few DIY plumbing tools that you just cannot go without. The first of these is the toilet auger, a specifically designed plumbing tool which is used to unclog the toilets. It has to be pointed out that it is an extremely bad idea to use a sink auger for toilets and the other way around, and not just because of hygiene.

A flange plunger is the toilet auger’s best friend when it comes to toilet unclogging. It is a particular type of plunger which fits onto the hole in the bottom of the bowl, thus providing perfect vacuum that you need to plunge the toilet properly. Of course, it goes without saying that you will also want to have a regular cup plunger.

Teflon tape is yet another one of these basic plumbing tools, if you would call it a tool. It is an adhesive tape that is perfect for sealing the pipe threads that have been joined. You can also use it to prevent any leakage that can occur with threaded connections.

An adjustable pipe wrench is the hammer of the plumbing tools, the very, very basic tool without which you are nothing in the world of plumbing DIY-ers. It provides the grip that you require when working with cylindrical objects that are often wet and it also provides the leverage you need to properly seal.

You will also need a faucet package, so to say – with packing and washers for your faucets, as well as the seat wrench and the reseating tool. Finally, we would also recommend that you get a tubing cutter which is used to work with copper wire which you will be working with, trust us.

Where to buy

If you already have experience with buying plumbing tools and if you know what brand is a good one, then we would recommend that you go online and purchase your plumbing tools that way. This way you will get the best deals possible. On the other hand, nothing really replaces going to a store where you can feel the tools in your hand and where you can talk to the salesperson and where you can get professional advice.

How much money to spend

When it comes to tools, the price really means a lot and for the best tools, you do need the priciest. It is therefore very important to seriously consider how much work you will be doing and how likely it is that you will actually give up and call up a professional kitchen plumbing service when something goes wrong. If you are serious, then by all means, spend some money on your tools. If you are just thinking about it, the chances are that you will give up in the end and it will be less than prudent to spend too much.

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