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October 23, 2014

It seems like there have never been so many cleaning products on the market. They all promise that, by choosing them, you will miraculously be happier, more accomplished, more productive person, and yes, your home will be cleaner too. However, there are all sorts of products out there and you need to pick the ones that are right for you and for your home.

Here is a short guide about how to choose the best cleaning products as there are many ways to determine what you actually need from all those amazing and powerful products.

Material that needs to be cleaned

Not all cleaning products should be used on all surfaces. Think about what you need to have cleaned. If those are some textile surfaces like furniture and the like, you need to make sure that you use products that don’t damage the textile, that don’t wear off the color of that textile and that they don’t need a lot of water, because it will be hard to rinse the chair seats and the like. Also, some of the products can damage even more robust materials like tiles and bathtubs. The gloss on those surfaces can be damaged. Therefore, always read the caution and the instructions about how to use these products.

Contents and effects

how to pick cleaning products
When you look at the back of the bottle of your cleaning product, you will see its contents. While all the cleaning products are effective and they make things clean, different chemicals in them achieve that effect in different ways. Therefore, it is good to know which chemicals are good for cleaning which stains. For example, while chlorine is inexpensive and will kill microorganisms, it will also be completely ineffective in cleaning up organic matter. Iodine can actually stain plastic if you try to clean with it. While it will kill bacteria, it will be inactive if the temperature is above 49 degrees. With these things in mind, you need to think what you want to remove and choose the best combination of chemicals to do it.

Reactions and features

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You need to know if you will be cleaning something in hot or cold temperatures. If you will be using water or if you will be getting in contact with some other chemicals. This will affect your choice to use certain cleaning product. These warnings are usually found on the labels and they should definitely be considered. Some reactions between certain chemicals can be quite dangerous and may cause burns or even release some gasses that you shouldn’t inhale.

Dangers and storage

If you cannot properly store your cleaning product and still keep it safe, then it is best not to have it around your home. Some strong and effective cleaning products can release gasses that can cause health problems if inhaled. Improper storage can cause them to leak, be available to children and the like. Also, you need to make sure that you are not allergic or overly sensitive to some of the compounds in those products. Those should definitely be off your shopping list, regardless of how well they do their cleaning.

Appliances and tools

You need mops, brooms, brushes, vacuum cleaners and quality steam cleaners. Considering what you have, you will choose the products that you need. If you are able to clean the entire home with a steam cleaner, then you don’t really need some amazingly strong bacteria killer on your floors as they will all be destroyed by the hot steam and that will be a lot healthier option than the chemicals. Also, once you use mops and brooms, you need to make sure that you use the products that will not damage the mops otherwise, you will turn it into a rag that even sheds a bit while you are trying to mop and you’ll end up with even more cleaning up to do.

A very important aspect of choosing the cleaning product is your environmental consciousness. There are effective cleaning products which are used with the minimum of hazardous chemicals or which are based on the old recipes for cleaning, like lemon acid and vinegar. If you want to save the earth, consider that when choosing the best cleaning product for your home.

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Diana Smith is a passionate blogger and a full time mother of two beautiful girls. In her free time she loves to write about home decoration and alternative medicine. Diana loves to see her readers getting useful information from her articles.
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