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October 14, 2014

Someone has rightly said that the shoe makes the man. Well this saying is popular for a reason. Nice shoes do add tremendous amount of style and charm to your wardrobe. But how to decide which shoe would suit a particular dress the best?

For that, here is the guide, have a look!

Oxfords AKA Balmoral – A shoe style with elegant and classy appeal. Oxfords come in variety of colors but black and brown are the most preferred ones. They can be paired with dress pants but not jeans. Choose a sleek design as the sleeker it is, the classier it would look.

Derby – They are mostly like the oxford shoes but the difference lies in the lacing style that is sewn outside of the shoe. This fact makes derby style shoe less formal and make them a perfect pair for jeans, sports coats and dress shorts.

Loafers – They are loved by frequent business travelers as they are easy to slip on and remove. They are comfortable and suits almost every formal attire. You can pair it with jeans, dress pants and suits (when not wearing a neck tie) easily. Remember one thing though – the less of your socks are visible the more formal the look.

Cap Toes – This type of shoes come with an extra layer of leather near the front hence the name cap toes. They come with a heavy brogue (embossing of the leather) that gives a unique touch but do make them less formal. They can be worn with suits, jeans and tuxedos.

Monk Straps – There are no laces in these types of shoes instead they come with a strap. Some shoes come with one strap, some with two and even three. They can be made from different varieties of leather and can be cap toed as well. Monk straps are preferable for those who want something unique and attention grabbing in their wardrobe.

Wingtips – The term wingtips refers to the shape of the cap toe that looks like a wing. Most of them are derby shoes decorated with brogue leather that come in solid colors like brown and black. They are quite common now-a-days and are perfect for semi casual dress.

Now, have a look at the smart ideas to buy the right one.

➨ If you are buying online, make sure you compare the price and quality of the shoes and always go with the branded ones.

➨ Try and buy those types of shoes that can be worn with multiple dresses. This way you could save money from buying an extra pair of shoes for every single dress.

➨ If you attend more formal meetings and are a frequent traveler, prefer comfort over style. Go for loafers and stay away from the heavier ones.

➨ Make sure you have at least one brown or black pair of shoes from any style. This can help you in emergency situations when you cannot find anything suitable.

shoes that go to your dress style
➨ Keep in mind your personality while shopping for shoes. Yes, it is very tempting to always go with the trend but you would not want to be a topic of fun in a business meeting because of a wrong choice, right?

Always buy comfortable and elegant dress shoes as they are a true reflector of your personality.
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