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October 04, 2014

If you have a warehouse, then you probably know how essential a good forklift is for its functioning. Also, you are aware just how bad a wrong choice of a forklift can affect your business. Although it may seem as just a tool to ‘take one thing and put it to another place’, it is far more than that. Forklift can help you use the vertical space of your warehouse as well as the horizontal, thus making it more useful and more effective. Another important thing about forklifts is that they save the manpower, they lift stuff that people would lift and arrange for hours, and probably get hurt in the process as well. The only thing that remains is to choose the right one. Here are the factors to consider before getting a new forklift.


The main point of the forklift is to make your life easier and to make your warehouse more effective in terms of space and time needed to fetch and store something in it. Therefore, you need to measure up the lanes and the space of your warehouse and calculate what the maximum size of your future forklift is. A forklift that cannot move throughout your warehouse is as useless as not having one at all. Too big forklift will get stuck and get in the way more than it will be helping you and speeding up the process.


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You can classify forklifts according to the power and the fuel that they are using. Smaller and more environmentally friendly forklifts can be electrical. These are somewhat weaker and have smaller load size, but there are no gasses which can be very important in a closed warehouse, and they spend less on fuel and similar costs. Bigger load sizes and rougher jobs that need to be done around a big warehouse will require a gas or diesel fueled forklift.

Load Size and Height

Just like you should think about the size of the lanes in your warehouse and the size of your forklift, you need to make sure that you know all about the size and the weight of the load it will be handling. Obviously, new forklifts have the maximum load size that they can carry and the maximum height they can reach. Before choosing the one you are about to use, make sure you know your needs and make sure your chosen forklift can lift the weight you need and that it can lift it to the heights you expect it to.

Renting or Buying

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While you may want to purchase the forklift and maintain it on your own, there is always the option of renting it. There are upsides and downsides to both of these options. Renting the forklift releases you of all the additional costs in the sense of maintenance and other similar things. However, if you don’t have the forklift exactly at the time you need it, you don’t need it at all and that can be a problem with renting. The rule of thumb is – if you are using it 3-4 hours every day it pays off to buy one.

If you have decided to buy a forklift, it would be wise to consider buying a used machine. This would save a lot of money and used forklift can be just as useful and just as good as the new one. Naturally, it means that the repair costs would be somewhat higher, but if you get a good price, it would definitely pay off, especially if you don’t use it that much.

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