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January 19, 2015

Crucial to any interior designing is knowing what you want and having an idea how to get it. Usually, this means being familiar with the type of shapes you want, what materials would best fit into the overall feel you are aiming to give the room, how quick you can have everything done, etc.

Since you are looking to decorate your kids’ room, the whole decorating process is a bit different than decorating an adult space. First of all, you need to think about the functionality of everything, as kids prefer comfort to appearance. Apart from comfort, there some other things you should pay attention to. Here they are:

1. The space

Before choosing any element for your child’s room, you need to think about the space you’ve got. Be careful about the room's shape as well as size, make a visual do before you actually purchase anything. Think about shapes, colors, comfort, pieces of furniture, additional elements. Once you do and once you’ve got a clear picture on what actually you need to buy, go and do the shopping.

buy area rug for kids
If your kid is old enough to know what he/she likes and wants, why not take him/her along? Your kid will definitely be a great person to shop with as he/she will actually tell you what they like. Once they pick out the rug or carpet you want, you’ll use it as a base for any further décor and things will go easily from there. If, however, your child isn’t old enough to understand what’s going on, you are on your own. Choose area rugs after your own taste, and choose something that’ll be easy to match with the rest of furniture you’ve had in mind.

2. Comfort, materials and safety

best rugs for your kids area play
If you have a toddler, there is 99% he/she is going to be spending a lot of time sitting on the rug, playing, drawing, writing homework, sharing a play date experience, etc. Also, you know how kids are prone to messing things up. It’s important you choose a rug that’s easy to maintain and a piece that, even if there are any, stains won’t damage much.

As for the quality of the carpet, investing too much money in it isn’t such a necessity, at least not while the kid is little. In this period, your child is happy to see something colorful, patterned, comfy and warm to sit on. The design he/she has chosen will probably seem silly in couple of years so you’ll have to replace it anyway for a better and more quality model. Rugs for kids can be made of materials like cotton, latex, polypropylene, wool, jute, or synthetic fibers. The most recommended are rugs made of polypropylene. They are easy to clean, and they look really pretty.

Further, think about your child’s safety when choosing a rug. Floors are slippery and you want a rug that can stay fixed in place, without much movement so your kid doesn’t slip when running or dancing around.

3. The color, the design, the pattern, the graphics

buy area rug for kids
Choosing the right color for the rug is as important as choosing the right wall color. Just like walls give structure to the room, the carpet will complement the vibe set by the wall color, or even make it pop even better.

Even though you may be a fan of minimalism yourself, your child doesn’t really care much for it. In our children’s heads having a, say, Barbie or a motorcycle carpet is awesome and cooler than anything else. Go for a bright colored rug for your child’s room as it will set a playful or happy mood on their room. Look for something that will match the color tone of the room and make sure you don’t go for something that will feel misplaced or that will overwhelm the entire space.

4. Shape and size matter

best rugs for your kids area play
When it comes to choosing just the right rug for your kid’s room, there aren’t much limitations when it comes to the shapes. There are quite a lot of rugs available tailor made. Kids can choose anything! From their favorite cartoon characters to “educational” rugs in shapes of letters, solar systems, etc. They come in various sizes, as well!

Being sure about the exact types of accessorize you should add to the space to make it picture perfect is your way in. One of the crucial elements to a wonderful-looking space is choosing the right carpet/rug. Regardless of the type of room you are decorating, rugs are there to give the space base and set the tone of the room.
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